Does Immolation Arrow need FCR??


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Sep 17, 2004
Does Immolation Arrow need FCR??

I have a question for you guys..

My Immolation Arrows are very slow... i have to wait until i can fire the next one... my quiestion is if i add FCR to my equip will i be able to shoot faster then??? I dont have to hit like crazy but now i have to wait for 5 secs to fire between my arrows... thats to long (i die in normal a4) im lvl 43 now im not fully equiped yet but well...

I have a load of IAS waiting but i need to know wheter i have to add FCR or IAS... let me know!!! THX
As far as i am aware there is a time delay on the skill. I dont think any fast cast or attack speed will affect it. Of course i am not sure. Does it affect sorc spells such as Blizz or Hydra? If not the chances are it wont

Sorry i cant answer for deffinate i dont want to be a spreader of misinformation :innocent:
well lets try it out im gonna put my ama into a FCR gear and try to shoot faster... its a shame that there is a casting delay on it... its a nice skill but the casting delay (if there is any) is a pain... same goes for plague javelin i guess????
it won't have any effect since it's timed. same as with meteor or frozen orb fcr won't help. however shorter delay would be nice for that skill.
ok there goes my build :S well stick to the fire tree ill max exploding arrow as well... maybe i can do some serious damage with that then...
questionmeuk said:
ok there goes my build :S well stick to the fire tree ill max exploding arrow as well... maybe i can do some serious damage with that then...

i had a immolation arrow/strafe ama last ladder and solo'ed hell with her. just be aware that ia is pretty independent of bow damage (kuko is the one, HoJ if you're rich), so you'll need a decent strafe bow (i used eagle).

ia is sooooo much fun till hell. you'll simply own. even in 8 player games. nothing cooler than an ia piercing through a crowd in river of flames only leaving ashes :)

it's still nice in hell but not THAT effective. my gear was pretty cheap though.

if you got a high ed bow, high lvl fire arrow does MASSIVE damage.
CharSol said:
Recon a nice WF would do it? Good damage on that baby :p

obviously a very good choice ;)
iirc the damage can exceed 12k pure fire dmg. the was a thread once and everyone was pretty surprised that it's THAT high.

just used a calc. with perf wf @ clvl99 with might merc clvl99, 400 dex:
4485 normal attack dmg (ds not incl)
@slvl 30 61% converted to fire damage =

(2736 fire + 754 fire (fa slvl30) ) * (100+240%(synergy ea slvl20))= 11865 fire + 1032 (39% remaining physical) = 12897 max dmg

hope my math is correct but iirc it was about the same in the thread ;)
bet you could sell THAT toast on ebay, too :lol:
whaaaaaaaaa i see use for my buri now :) i know it doesnt have the same damage as WF but still... buri has 100% pierce and piercing about 10k of firedamage hurts!!!! ok nice to know thanks for your calculations!!!!

Gonna boost up the fire tree :)
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