Does holy shield def bonus last after you take off shield? <


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Dec 4, 2006
Does holy shield def bonus last after you take off shield?

say i build a charger, who would suffer from defense problems.

what if i prebuffed with a shield..and then took shield off. would defense bonus still stay and just be reduced b/c i took away the shield??

or would it vanish all together

or do i even have to have a shield to use holy shield
You need to be using a shield to use Holy Shield...

Test it for yourself. Cast Holy Shield, watch your defense go up. Remove shield, bonus is gone (HS is still active, but no shield to apply bonus too). Re-equip shield, bonus is back.

You'll be suffering defense issues anyway as a Charger, shield or no shield. While you're running or Charging, the AR/Def chance to-hit formula is bypassed, meaning everything has a 100% chance to hit, and blocking is reduced to 1/3 of it's original value. You could walk, but you'd still need to Charge to attack, leaving you vulnerable.
you have been quite helpful lately. thanks alot :smiley:

mind if i run a few ideas by you about a charge pally build?
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