Does +% damage to undead work this way?


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Jan 9, 2006
Does +% damage to undead work this way?

If you had a 200% damage to undead lance, and a 200% ed lance
and let's say 500% damage BERSERK...

would you deal the same damage to an undead monster? or does the 500% damage from the berserk only apply to the base weapon?
Berserk transfers all physical dmg to magical anyways, so I would say that it does. I could be wrong, though.
Let's just say you have 110 STR and no mastery to finish the numbers.

200% ED for lance, so the lance is 81-342. 200% to undead + 500% berserk + 110% STR.
Damage done to undead = (81-342) * (1 + 2 + 5 + 1.1) = 737.1-3112.2
Damage done otherwise = (81-342) * (1 + 5 + 1.1) = 575.1-2428.2
ok so then 6 p diamond weapons suck

beserk looks at the base damage of the weapon to calc the magic damage, even if it's against an undead, right?
yea i just went to hell sewers and tested a 156% ed grim scythe and a 206% damage to undead grim scythe with berserk

the rare did much more damage, so +% enhanced damage from skills definately does not consider a "damage to undead" base weapon damage

Can anyone think of some charcters/skills that would work well with a 6p diamond weapon?
I have a Grim Scythe Zealer which uses Sanctuary. What I find interesting is that all that extra damage you do to undead, is not returned to you when you get IM'd.
You only get the damage you see on the statscreen(which doesn't show the added, vs undead only, % of sanctuary damage) returned to you.
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