*does backflip* Back to D2!


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Jun 2, 2004
*does backflip* Back to D2!

AH..after that horrid ordeal of deleting d2, i managed to get a copy of d2c and got all re-installed, woohoo! Just thought i'd share my moment of happiness before i burst, haha.
Although it may be a joy to you, many people will disagree and tell you that deleting D2 was one of the smartest choices of your D2 career :lol:
haha, yea, i shoulda just quit, but i love this game :p. my friend only plays here, and after my d2 issues, ALL of his mules expired, lol, so he quit, but left me with his mf sorc, yay..lol..althought since i already have a nice one, i'll just trade it off, heh. Yep, i can do a backflip, but only on a trampoline, that damn gravity thing is mean on hard ground....
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