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Aug 9, 2021
The current 'Shards of Hatred' PvP that the Diablo 4 Devs shared at Blizzconline 2021 is looking good, especially on how they are implementing it. Seems like this type of PvP are for some zones. PvE is also included. It looks like a king of the hill type. It's also an event that majority of players can expect to encounter... details are abit vague since it's still in development. In the mean-time, anyone else expecting other types of PvP? Like maybe some sort of objective type of PvPE that includes specific goals with accomplishments for gaining rewards.

Personally, I would like to see the Arcane Sanctuary return to Diablo 4. We all remember how the Arcane Sanctuary had four directions - North, South, East, West. Would it be cool... that when you discover the Arcane Sanctuary in Diablo 4, you are now locked in that forsaken dungeon with threats of other hostiles. Arcane Sanctuary could be one of those designated PvP areas. Survival and escape.

[Diablo 4 Players Renters Jerhyn's Palace]

Jerhyn is now like, "Hows zit braddah? Good braddah? Yeah... soo, I got disz wan broblem. Wan of my wife did a STYOOPID! She... uhhh... rundaway down da bazement. Allh ahngry at mee. Yada yada Yada. She hada wan bad styoopid dream, or sumthing like disz. Now da red bortal all back again. I have like uhh... enough inveztment for juzt two adventurez like yourselves... Bleaze accept dis reward now!!! And zave my wife..." 😆 (Abdo acent from OwnagePrank).

However, things have changed. The Harem had been cleared of deamons from Diablo 2. And the red portal still exists ('wife opens red portal again' plot-device). So, two willing players must simultaneously activate the red portal to enter. When those two players queues and begins the challenge into the Arcane Sanctuary, they actually start at the either ends - North, South, East, or West (oppose to the middle like in Diablo 2). Both players also start separate ends from each other. The other two ends of the Arcane Sanctuary (if a player does not spawn there), will either include Jerhyn's Chained Wife or The Summoner's Alter. Once entered the Arcane Sanctuary, players are hostile to each other through-out the whole dungeon event. Saving Jerhyn's wife will require a low/moderate drop chance key from killing those Lighting Spires. After freeing Jerhyn's wife, the center of Arcane Sanctuary floor section transforms reavling it's waypoint - i'ts now activatble to leave the dungeon. However, a sudden Flying Scimitar boss guards the waypoint to fight either approaching player from using waypoint.

Lighting Spires can also drop a 'Hidden Tome" with a low/moderate drop chance. Bringing this tome to the alter triggers the whole Arcane Sanctuary's floors to collapse; by firstly of all ends. The collapsing is initially slow then gradually until it reaches the center of Arcane Sanctuary. Any remaining Lighting Spires will not fall with the collapsing event. Yet nearby floors of the spire sections will remain walkable by keeping everything relatively safe from fall. This catastrophic trigger ultimately causes the remained players to brawl in the center arena of Arcane Sanctuary; despite rescuing Jerhyn's Chained Wife. Also, the center arena is protected from collapse. The victor will receive a red portal back to the Harem, once all hostile players are dead.

This sencerio so far, is a PvP-driven way about being locked in a dungeon with two-main possible outcomes of surviving. I could go into more detail, and I definitely would like to... is this only a 1v1, 2v2, 4v4, no free-for-all? Why Jerhyn's wife? How is the layout of Arcane Sanctuary make any sense for PvP? Other monsters involved? The rewards are given before or after the challenge? Instead of falling floors what about shifting floors? What happen if Jerhyn's wife falls? The Summoner had deep lore with Jerhyn's wife? Could players bet gold against each other? Anyways, I left alot of holes in what I am presenting. This is essentially, what concept comes to my mind when I think of a creative PvP sencerio. Any thoughts?

Thanks for reading.
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