Did i mess up on posion nec


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Jan 22, 2004
Did i mess up on posion nec

I was trying to make a necro that specializes in using posion nova. So i maxed out posion nova and on my way to max out the rest of the synergies. However, I also put 12 points into lower resist. Now i hear people saying you don't need more than one point into it. I didn't know anything about posion nec so i thought it was max lower res:/. did i mess him up?
f you wanted a secondary attack with it (like bone spear/spirit with marrow bug), then you messed up. However, if you were going for a pure poison mancer, then he will be just fine.
I have a question regarding poison immunes. I can break resists on some monsters like skelleton archers on way to the pits with my gear and lower resist curse. But what would it take to break Venom Lords on 4th wave of Baal's minions? Or is it not possible?

My gear:

Death's Web +1 Skill, -55% Enemy Psn Resist (Socket 5/4 Psn)

Full Trang Helm (Socket 5/4 Psn), Armor (Socket 5/5 Psn) Wing (PDia)


+2 All Necro / 25 Teleport Charges Ammy

4 Pnb Gc's

Maxed Psn Skills
6 Skelly Mastery
20 Raise Skelly
1 Golem Mastery
1 Clay Golem
1 Summon Resist
1 Skelly Mage
1 Revive
1 Amp
1 Lower Resist
5 Pre-Req

I guess i'm asking if another Psn Facet in shield or more points in Lower Resist would help?

btw: This is the most fun char i have every played, thanks for the guides on this forum for all the help.
Lich It said:
I guess i'm asking if another Psn Facet in shield or more points in Lower Resist would help?

Only LR and Conviction can break Immunities. Things like the -25% Poison Immunity from three piece Trang of -% Poison Immunity from Facets do not help to break an immunity.

The Poison Resistance on Ventar is 120%. Since LR works at 1/5 of its power when breaking an immunity, you would need a LR that lowers enemy resistance by 21*5 = 105. That is impossible.
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