Did i mess up my Tesladin??


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Oct 31, 2006
Did i mess up my Tesladin??

Hey everyone.

I built a tesladin, and THOUGHT i got everything right when it came to skill points. The only equipment that concerns my question is the fact that he is using a dream helm/shield.

1. I maxed holy shock and have it equiped as my main aura. Wrong thing to do? Does the holy shock from dream + dream override it or stack with it?

2. I maxed synergies and got some offensive GCs, will this benefit my Dream holy shock? ( On a side note.. does using andies helm [+2 skills] affect the mercs aura carried by equipment? I.E. does using andies helm on a rogue help with her fanatism aura when using faith?)

Thanks for your help everyone... Hopefully i dont have to rebuild this guy! (Although 20 points in fanatism instead will be nice.. )
1. The aura from the Dreams will not stack with your own. You're better off using Conviction as your main aura.
2. The synergies will benefit Dream's Holy Shock. However, the Offensive GCs will not boost the Holy Shock level on Dream. +skills do not boost aura levels that are granted by items, including mercs (ie. Faith on a Rogue).
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