did i get ripped off?

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New member
Nov 26, 2005
did i get ripped off?

i just got a 6os cb 15ed/3ar from someone on bnet for an ist
(going to make a lw cb for my sorc's barb hireling)

id just like some opinions
Well I would say it could go either way, on the one side, if it's for your merc you prob should have gone for eth, but on the other, perf ed is hawt. I would actually say you got an ok deal now because you could also use it on a barb if you made/have one.
i think an ist for this was a bit too much.
you cant even make a runeword out of this sword.
i have a barb, hes not high enough to use it yet, when i find an eth one ill swap it over to him

iv been running a4 river up and down in hell trying to find one for a week without any luck

and i got the ist for a spirit set with a hel

the name is still gray, runewords work on superior items
I would like it more w/o the 3 AR.

It will probably increase repair costs, but it's not just perfect, it's *perfect*. As Ist<Um on ladder Europe these days, it was a good deal IMO.

It's a good deal. It's not like runes are expensive in this dupe world. :rolleyes:
You planning to use it one-handed?
barb hireling will use it 2h since they cant dual wield :rolleyes:

ill probably use it with a lightsabre when i switch it to my barb

repair cost wont be a problem, iv always got loads of gold since im not high enuf for serious gambling yet
anyhoo, ill be sure to repair it before installing runes
Oh, when you said you had a barb I didn't realize you meant a barb merc.

Because why would anyone have one of those? :grin:
currently hes using a flamebellow with a delerium and 3k e-fort

tanks nice and slowly takes down cold/light/physical immunes, darn those unique Wraiths with multi immunes
I tried one once, I thought it was no better at tanking than an Act II merc, and lacked auras.
a2 mercs are good, barb mercs strike more often and have more life and higher base def, down side is that they cant use a shield but they can use armors that req higher str
only worries are him getting cursed with im, just tele back and wait for it to wear off or find a well

my sorc can tank a little with es, fa, ill make a cta and another spirit mon for her soon (switch)
barb mercs BASH... its teh godleh, and if you give them eth stuff they get all ethereal, its just cool :laugh:
That's pretty awesome.
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