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Diablo problem please help!!


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Dec 14, 2009
Diablo problem please help!!

Okay here's my problem. We have more than one computer hooked up to the Internet, my computer is the only one that has diablo on it and I am the only one using it. I can connect to battlenet no problem but if someone is on the other computer while I am playing diablo on mine is where I get the problem. You know when you exit a game on bnet, for a sec there is a please wait box that popes up, then goes away, but for some reason when someone is using the Internet on our other computer the please wait box stays up then will go back to the login screen and sit there on connecting to fastest sever. When I check my Internet connection it's working fine. Also when the other computer is shut off I have no problems at all. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and fixed it somehow thanks. This never fails only messes up when we have our other computers being used
Re: Diablo problem please help!!

Double check and make sure you don't have the same IP address assigned to multiple computers.
Re: Diablo problem please help!!

sounds like you need a router

most isps only allow 1 internet ip address to your connection

check what your ip address are

if they start with 192.168.#.###
you have a router

if they starts with 169.254.###.###
something is setup wrong, your computer is assigning itself an ip address

if they start with anything else, compare that number with http://www.whatsmyip.org/
if they are the same, your isp is giving you the ip's and you need a router to assign lan ip addresses

then you can have multiple computers on the internet at the same time without interrupting eachother (other than bandwidth issues)
Re: Diablo problem please help!!

i have a linksys router. i still have the problem no idea what the problem is but its really irritating. the internet works fine, its just diablo that messes up when the other computers are being used which is most of the time. if it was the ip address problem shouldn't the internet mess up along with diablo? im so confused!!
Re: Diablo problem please help!!

Yes, if the computers were attempting to use the same ip address simultaneously it would affect your entire connectivity not just Diablo II.

If the ports are open on the router and none of the same IP addresses are being used, I don't know why another computer would be interfering with a specific application as long as the computer was utilizing DHCP correctly.

Try putting your computer in the DMZ and see if it still happens.

Unless multiple computers are connecting to battle.net at the same time. that would definitly cause connectivity issue since the servers detect excessive ip usage.
Re: Diablo problem please help!!

There's a port forwarding issue with 6112 and Diablo & Starcraft.


Noodle said:
1. Take a deep breath
2. Connect to your router to check out the settings
3. Go to Advanced, then port forwarding
4. Select port triggering
5. Uncheck Starcraft and press apply
6. Go to Port forwarding and see if there are any programs that use 6112 port. Delete them if there are.
7. Thank Noodle, and enjoy Diablo II.

The problem is that starcraft uses the same port number as Diablo.

- Noodle
Re: Diablo problem please help!!

I know this question is kind of out of the blue but I was hoping someone has had the same problem as me. Thanks for all the help and I'm thinking about getting a new router because I have exhausted by brain on this and to make it worse I'm not super smart when it comes to computers so I have a short attention span. Ha
Re: Diablo problem please help!!

Hey, I just ended up getting a new router becuase there was a good deal on wireless routers and since I had a laptop I figured I'd get it. Hooked it up the same way, everything exaxtly the same but no
more problems, yay ha, I guess I didn't fix it but it's good enough for me, thanks for all your input I really appreated it.
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