Diablo II goes Rogue-Like


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Mar 23, 2020
Hi Guys,

as u all know by now I totally love permadeath. What I totally don´t like is the idea of rogue-lites, because they don´t feature permadeath, but a endless grind which happens to be faster if u´r skilled....that´s kinda like my definition of D2 SC! xD However, there is this game called Darkest Dungeon, which was just a rogue-lite but added two vital things: Limited amount of Heros and limited playtime. This turned it into a rogue-like. In Diablo II this is very often done by singlepath. But I just had the idea why not feature the idea of limited time and death! This opens a tone of fun projects:

- 100hours FreeForAll with 5death! So one might play SC for 100 hours and quit the chars if he dies 5 times. So he might wanna bring up a record for barb but start as sorc for 20-30hours to play just 70-80 hours Barb twinked!?!
- 100hours Druid only HC
- Fastest 99 with a max of 5death
- SC but every death adds 3hours playtime

Ideas would be endless! This way 1 could even do a midway between SC and HC! :)

Ofc one could just use 1 of the 2 ideas...idc.

The main issue I see is how to make sure u´r not missing the clock.....would be really bad if u mess up clock after 99 hours! ~~

€: The advantage compared to singlepath is, that patiens isn´t rewarded that much. The disadvanatge that it becomes somewhat speedrunlike!

Let me know what u think about the idea!

Kind regards
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