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Design me a SP zon!


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Jan 12, 2008
Design me a SP zon!

[sarc]And the great part about her?? NO GEARS!!!! OMG I JUST LUV THAT!!![/sarc]

(It's only that I began playing SP the past few days did I realize how much gears made my life easier when I play online back then)

So my first char, a sorc (because of her ability to tele), was a complete dump... Firewall/orb, while sounds good in theory... are incredibly bad in practice

My ultimate dream, is to be able to run p8 in hell mode. All the gears must be found (duh), so please don't suggest enigma, hoto (lot legal in sp anyways), valor, gaze... hell... not even something as common online as titans (*begin sobbing like little girl)

I figure, my mistake with Firewall/orb is that those aren't crowd skills... they do very poor damage... but tele is certainly convinient (gonna miss that)

Anyways, I have a rough sketch on how to build her, but help me paint the chapel by suggesting how I should finish.

I figure...

skill wise:
max fury (20)
6-7 in all 3 defensive skill (~21)
5-6 in MS (~6)
8 in pierce
and that's pretty much all I got... I figure I might have enough for one more attack skill, or should I invest in uber valk? Online, I always max penetrate, but that's because I can show off my rediculously high AR, and make every shot count... but since this is SP and I need to play more conservatively, I figure base penetrate is good enough?

stats wise:
str - just enough? for archon? 103? or just shoot for wf or ss even though I might never find them?
dex - just enough for...?
vit (rest... my SP sorc experience has taught me that while not having anything... being able to take hit is actually important!)
energy - base

whatever I find

So anyways, suggestions? will I be able to p8 hell with this?
Re: Design me a SP zon!

My fishyzon's skills:

Magic Arrow: 0/0
Fire Arrow: 0/0
Cold Arrow: 20/25
Multiple Shot: 0/0
Exploding Arrow: 0/0
Ice Arrow: 1/6
Guided Arrow: 0/0
Strafe: 0/0
Immolation Arrow: 0/0
Freezing Arrow: 20/25

Inner Sight: 1/6
Critical Strike: 1/6
Dodge: 0/0
Slow Missiles: 1/6
Avoid: 0/0
Penetrate: 1/6
Decoy: 1/6
Evade: 0/0
Valkyrie: 0/0
Pierce: 7/12

Jab: 1/12
Power Strike: 1/12
Poison Javelin: 1/12
Impale: 0/0
Lightning Bolt: 1/12
Charged Strike: 20/31
Plague Javelin: 1/12
Fend: 0/0
Lightning Strike: 0/0
Lightning Fury: 20/31

This build should be fine untwinked, though titan's revenge does make it much more convenient since you don't have to repair. I spent points in pierce so that I could wear Thundergod's Vigor and still pierce most of the time. She wears Razortail for running cows. She's not fully geared right now, so her skills might actually be higher.

The only problem with Nightfish's guide is that it doesn't mention Wizendraw, which is the best end-game bow for this build. Melody (in a +3 bow) is a close second. When playing untwinked, Melody will be better, but once you already have a few +skills (I think +4 is what I calculated, it's around here somewhere) the -enemy cold res on Wizendraw becomes more useful, especially in hell. Plus, it has style points.

Edit: Also, Orb/Firewall do great damage. I think you just need more practice playing the character. Have you looked in the Pat/Mat/Guard thread? Orb isn't a crowd skill?!? :dizzy:
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Re: Design me a SP zon!

The problem is p8. It does find p1... but p8 untwinked is way too hard for orb/wall.

the main problem is that your max skill is awesome for nightmare, but the game is designed that by hell, you should have good enough gears to do hell... (hence capping max skill to 20 points) but the problem with untwink is that... it's not so simple. orb is rediculously pitiful (i have maxed... 300 per orb... compare to 1.5k twinked online) and my merc can't take enough hits for wall to take effect

but thanks for the zon guide though... it helps great deal
Re: Design me a SP zon!

orb is rediculously pitiful (i have maxed... 300 per orb... compare to 1.5k twinked online) and my merc can't take enough hits for wall to take effect

Fair enough. Untwinked in /p8 hell, yeah, a bit weak. I think you'll find that that's true of any build, though. Have you tried using a Lower Resist wand? It's a simple thing that an untwinked sorc should be using.

but thanks for the zon guide though... it helps great deal

No problem.

Re: Design me a SP zon!

You know there's a SP trading community, right? And that there are legal mods that let you access ladder-only runewords (even though Zon doesnt use HotO or Enigma anyway)?

And there's no such thing as a build that can easily go /p8 Hell with found gear, possible exception being a high-level Summon necro.

For Amazons, the least gear-dependent options are usually LF zon and Fishyzon since they use elemental attacks that arent dependent on weapon damage. Guides for these are readily available in the stickies.
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