Definitive MF barb ?


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Oct 19, 2006
Definitive MF barb ?

I made an MF barb a very long time ago and he was pretty good. >800 MF and decent killing speed but that was in 1.09.

I'm thinking of a new one. I think swords are my best bet (to get max damage from babas).

I'm thinking for gear -

Helm - 40% MF IK with 2x Ist = 90% MF
Armour - Coh - Only 25% MF but I think being an MF barb it'll compensate his resists

Belt - Upped Goldwrap
Gloves - LoH
Amulet - Highlords
Ring 1 - 20/240+ Ravenfrost
Ring 2 - 30 nagel or 30+ mf ring.
Boots - 50 travs

Weapons -

I know on switch I'm going to be using double ist'd Ali Baba's with 120% ed and also upped to Hydra Edge's for more damage and better base weapon speed.

I'm rather unsure of my main weapons though. I'm thinking an oath balrog blade and an ebotd cb.

Please let me know your thoughts and previous experiences!
Hey, how come you're using IK Helm? I think putting an Ist (or even Ptopaz) in a Shako might be better for you..

For swords, CBs might be too hefty of a strength requirement, seeing as you're not using Enigma either. Thought about Grief? The dex requirement is a bit high, but should be achieveable, considering Hydra Swords are only ~20 under it. I wouldn't worry too much about the "killing swords" though. If you're going to do the Pits, etc, your Ali Babas should be out 95%+ of the time. And if you're doing other areas, then they shouldn't be out at all, since you want to go to a specific destination (ie/ a boss) without hitting everything in the way.

I hope this helps. It is very late for me right now (plus I'm tired, hehe... ) so I might have overlooked something. :cool:
well i just made a mf barb outta a ebotd ww barb and its awesome...heres my gear i advise you to try it=)

Helm-Ik helm /w 2 ptopazs(84 mf)
Arm-Ik arm /w 1 Ptopaz(24 mf)
Gloves-Ik gloves
Boots-Ik boos(25 mf)
Wep-dual isted babas on switch /w a total of 290 mf and ik maul on main
Rings- 1 ravenfrost and p nagel or carrion wind(best if you got a soj)
ammy-highlords or maras
lots of mf charms

Merc gear- Ptopazed shako, tals or skulders arm(i use tals, and eth reapers toll /w ist

my toal mf is very close to 750-800 and its a strong char too..i can key, mf, rush, etc
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