Damn Failed to Join


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May 19, 2006
Damn Failed to Join

Just spent 20 minutes trying and failing to join games, then without even having a second of playing time I get a realm down.

you can thank the dupers and haxors for lagging servers to the point that its almost impossible to create or join games anymore

anyhoo its a good idea to switch chars occationally after getting ftj's when trying to make games
If my char failed to join, I'll let him/her sitting in the lobby for 5 min or so, then everything is fine.
usually after 5 minutes i can join games with a diff char. things that usually don't work for me are creating games with any char or joining games with the char the the problem arose with. it's sadly just something you learn to deal with
What realm are you guys on?

I'm on Uswest (SCL, if that matters).. and I didn't have that many problems today.
europe has been horrible lately
cant make a game to save your life
and trying to hunt dclone has been nearly impossible
Europe is no fun today.

I can't create games without getting FTJ, no problems with joining others games though.

Small rant
A big thx to dupers, who have ruined the economy and made the game unplayable....:thumbsup: We couldn't have done it without you!!
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