D2 Goals & Objectives for 2022


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Mar 13, 2020
Dear @Luhkoh, I take the relay ❤️

Dear SPF,

What are your D2 goals and aspirations for 2022?

2022 Babyhell's goals
D2(R) goals
Complete 0/10
Other forum goal
Complete 0/1

Happy New Year to all of us, may the Covid not be with you! F#!*%ing again...
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Apr 24, 2020
Goals for D2 in 2022:

  • Host at least three tournaments (One is already known)
    • I love tournaments!
  • Guardian a Sorceress
  • Build at least 2 themed builds based on new skill adjustments/runewords
  • Get first Anni/Torches in SP
  • Play on B.net when new season launches with friends (We will see how many actually play)
  • Attempt to start writing for this website. (Submit my writing sample to Rush by end of this week)
Sep 22, 2021
My goals: will likely change and will add things here and there but the big ones are:

  • Finish my Ten who were taken characters, in act 4 hell with Soulcatcher, seven more to go after that.
  • Start running LK, was planning on doing this already but i got bored of trying to roll a good map. Want to get a enigma this year.
  • Get Anni/Torch and start farming torches for all my builds.
  • I'm far off from finishing a grail but will see how far i get, 168 to go.
  • Try out some new builds when the next patch hits, who doesn't want to play a competent hydra build?
Mar 14, 2020
Set no goals for last year, but I will for this year:

  1. Finish my Random Necromancer in Vang's Random Tournament 2021
  2. Compete in another tournament and record the gameplay from the get-go, share it on youtube (still need to work out some details, but I should be fine with the NVidia software for recording, I suppose)
  3. reach level 98 with my untwinked 99er Aviendha
  4. get my first Annihilus with Aviendha for that. I should be able to safe a few hours to level 99 if I find a SoJ by farming NM Andariel
  5. finish my Bountyhunter Necro from 2011

  1. Hell Flayer Jungle, lv. 83.9
  2. tbd, probably in @Babyhell's March of the Doomed
  3. currently lv. 95.1
  4. 200 NM Andy runs done with 9 Manald Heals and 2 Nagelrings
  5. Hell Act V Frozen Tundra. Ancients next. Oooh boy, without CE that is going to be challenging...


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Feb 15, 2021
I'll copy over my goals from the 2021 thread since i was late with making them. I was updating the status along the way and have made some really nice progress since starting :)

Goals for 2021 - 2022

Project 100 Torches and Annis:                              Progress
1. Collect 900 uber keys                                    900/900
2. Collect 100 SoJ's from 1.00                              102/100

Charms and Jewels
3. 8x 12% MF Grand Charms                                   3/8
4. 3x 4 STR Grand Charms with any prefix but no rlvl        1/3
5. 12x Jewels of Carnage (+15)                              5/12
6. 12x Jewels of Wrath (+9)                                 8/12
7. 24x Jewels of Ire (+5)                                   4/24
8. 12x 3 MPK jewels                                         9/12
9. 4x 40% Gold find Grand charms with prefix                0/4
10. 4x 10% Gold find Small charms with prefix               4/4
11. 4x Steel Grand Charms with suffix                       4/4
12. 10x Skillers with a suffix                              27/10

1.07 and 1.08:
13. Find a Runic Talons rack                                1/1
14. Find a Greater Talons rack                              0/1
15. Find a Feral Claws rack                                 0/1
16. Find a Sacred Armor rack                                0/1
17. Rack 2x Wizzy spikes                                    2/2
18. Level 2nd Java to 99                                    1/1
19. 6x 5% FRW SC with prefix                                0/6
20. 6x 7% MF SC (1.08)                                      0/6
21. 6x 4% MF SC (1.07)                                      8/6

22. 20 runes Ohm or higher                                  16/20
23. 3x Eth grail items                                      3/3
24. 2x Perfect grail items                                  7/2
25. 1x Bahamut's Ring of the Apprentice                     0/1
26. 30 Burning Essence of Terror                            30/30
27. Find 15% ED Superior of every bow                       18/30
28. Find 15% ED Superior of every xbow                      7/12
29. Level Pally to 97                                       1/1

Gambling my life savings project:
30. 3/10 Combat skills                                      1/1
31. 3/10 PnB skills                                         1/1
32. 3/10 Elemental skills                                   0/1
33. 3/10 Fire skills                                        0/1
34. 3/10 Lightning skills                                   0/1
35. 3/20 PnB Circlet                                        0/1
36. 3/20 Elemental skills circlet                           0/1
37. 3/20 Fire skills circlet                                0/1
38. Jeweler's Tiara/Diadem of Nirvana                       0/1
39. Jeweler's Tiara/Diadem of Luck                          0/1

Hopes and dreams:
40. +5 Find item/BO Barb helm                               0/1
41. JMoD                                                    0/1
42. 6/40 Maiden or Ceremonial Javelin                       0/1
43. 50 War travs                                            0/1
44. 3os eTomby                                              0/1

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Runes: Ohm, Ohm, Sur, Ohm, Cham, Lo (1.07), Cham, Ber, Cham, Ohm, Zod, Sur, Lo, Ber, Ber, Zod
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Eth grail:
View attachment 70151

Perfect rolls:
View attachment 70135
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Mar 16, 2020
Didn't finish all my 2021 goals but I didn't like all of them anyway :D

Since I have more limited time I just slap a lot of maybes in there:

1.00 - All three are big maybes:
  • Baroness Sorceress
  • Baroness Amazon (biggest "if" in the history of D2)
  • Experiment with Lightning Fury and hope it is viable
1.07 - I at least want a Shako and maybe another Arkaine's, just to see how good this new Duriel run is:
  • Rack Shako (0/3) (one for sorc, merc and 1.14d)
  • Run LK and with the sapphires found craft another 10/30+ MPK ring
  • Rack Arkaine's and run Duriel
  • Rack circlets in LK, hoping for 3/20 fire and a good Larzuk quest in 1.14d
1.08 - Very unspecific, but I could get lucky with an amulet. I want an amulet with at least +21% fcr, just as proof that they exist.
  • Run LK for +5% frw charms, runes and gems
  • Craft caster amulets in the hopes of a +24% fcr/+2 Amazon amulet
1.09b - This one doesn't take as long as one would think...
  • Reach 99 with my Amazon
1.10a - Most likely the first, very unlikely to be the second:
  • Reroll Runic Talons or find something more worthy of rerolls
  • Run for BKWB (0/2)
1.14d - a big maybe:
  • Make progress towards runeword grail (-6) or regular grail (-4)

Hope I made realistic goals and that everyone can fulfill theirs ;)
Nov 29, 2021
Yeehaa! Goals! My goals for 2022:
  1. A Mat/Pat for each class
  2. Participate in a tournament
  3. Mat/Pat one of SSoG's Ugly Builds
  4. Get the quest for the holy grail to <= 15 items
  1. Matriarch "Kaltschale" (93, Sorceress) | Patriarch "Nekrokodil" (90, Necromancer) | Matriarch "Nonnenfuerzle" (90, Assassin)
  2. -
  3. -
  4. 63 Items left (10 Sets, 53 Uniques)


Apr 13, 2021
My goals.

  • level Hammerdin to at least 90
  • Queen an Amazon
  • King a Barbarian
  • start a Grail (no gambling, no cowking)
  • level UT99 Amazon to at least 90 (Switch)
  • level UT99 Paladin to at least 90 (PC)
  • participate in a MF tournament
  • start grail on PC
  • Find a Torch and Anni
  • shop a 4soc Armor of the Whale


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Mar 14, 2020
My main goal is to stay engaged with D2 and the SPF :) More specific goals are:
  • Take Septimus to 99 and finish my untwinked 99er sept
    • Status: He hit 98.25 just before New Year
  • Finish my Unfinished Business and 2H Melee septs
    • Status: There are two and four characters left, respectively, with the sixth Unfinished Business character in Hell
  • Guardian a Paladin in a tourney, which will complete a HC Tourney sept
    • Status: Not started, but Babyhell's forthcoming tourney is a likely candidate
  • Do some optimized MFing to make further progress on ethereal grail and maybe, just maybe, finish off my grail (-1 at Tyrael's)
    • Status: Pit Zerker has been sitting idle for several years, so I will try to go that route for MFO, although a Pit Singer may be more suited to my style
  • Tidy up 99er posts and the Compendium, which wasn't updated in 2021
    • Status: Likely to tackle this as breaks from Nihl


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Apr 18, 2021
Move to D2R sometime
Find a really good circlet for my Abbot
work on getting Maximus to 99 (now 90)
Finsh the Druid and Sorceress that have been sitting in Hell for 10 years!
Finish my grail (2 items) and my self grail (57 items)
Make an Ice bow, an Enigma and Doom
Sep 22, 2021
Well, I've played the heck out of D2R and have checked off several things already that would have been good for 2022, but there are still lots of others things to do.

  • Make my first Guardian. Never have tried HC, but I will.
  • Pat/Mat one of each class. Over halfway there already. After checking, I just lack 2 lol.
  • Participate in at least 3 tournaments, including an MF one.
  • Come up with a crazy but viable build that hasn't been tried before (probably not possible, but maybe with a new patch!)
  • Play more untwinked characters.
  • Moderate the amount of D2R I play! I can't get enough lol.


Jun 30, 2021
Goals! This is all in "Legacy" LOD. I'm unsure if I'll ever get D2R, especially since I started time traveling and that's going to be keeping me busy for a long time.

[current progress in brackets]

  1. Rack/drop the following:
    • Valkyrie Wing [1/5]
    • Wizardspike [1/3]
    • Shako [0/3, just found a 100% stable rack in LK close to the wp]
    • Arkaine's Valor [0/2]
    • Skullder's Ire [1/3]
    • M'avina's Tenet [2/5]
    • Aldur's Advance [2/3]
    • Tal Rasha's amulet [0/1]
  2. Grail <50 [256/401, 145 remaining]
  3. Gear 3 rack runners [3/3 already rushed and leveled, just need some FRW gear (see above)]
  4. Cube another 10fcr/30+ mpk ring [have about 50 sapphires and a lvl 8 dedicated cuber]
  1. Rush and level to 60 an LK runner in 1.07 and forward to 1.08 [haven't started]
  2. Cube 1,000 garnet rings [have about 100 rubies in 1.07], the long term goal is an SoJ with fire resist; chances are 1/24,800 in 1.08
  1. Drop BKWBs [0/2, dedicated Andy running character already rushed and is being leveled/geared in 1.07]
  1. Finish the grail [7 left, very doable from Meph and Pindle runs, TM already found]:
    • Crown of Ages
    • Templar's Might
    • Stormspire
    • Spirit Ward
    • Darkforce Spawn
    • Metalgrid [should get this from 1-2k Meph runs]
    • Telling of Beads [most surprising on the list, 1k Andy runs should fix this]
  2. Craft a 10fcr/24fhr caster belt
  3. Finish my 3rd sept [2/7 complete]
    • Zeal paladin [pat'd]
    • Bone necro
    • Fendzon
    • Frenzy barb
    • Fireball sorc [mat'd]
    • Fire druid
    • Phoenix assassin
  4. Runeword grail needs a lot of work [52/78], I'll just be happy to craft the following this year:
    • Phoenix shield (Vex Vex Lo Jah) [need a Jah]
    • Pride merc polearm (Cham Sur Io Lo) [have the runes and base, just chicken to pull trigger]
    • Faith Amazon bow (Ohm Jah Lem Eld) [need a Jah]
    • Beast axe (Ber Tir Um Mal Lum) [have everything, just chicken]
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Dec 24, 2019
Main Goal

Get my UT99er fully equipped. That means:
  • Enigma
  • Infinity
  • Fortitude
  • Upped Gore Rider
  • Dracul's Grasp
  • Arachnid Mesh
  • Ravenfrost, BKWB, Rare Amulet / Mara's
  • Annihilus
  • Assassin Torch

Other Goals

As PvP is now a thing again:
  • Get my final PvP Assassin to level 95
  • Make another Fury claw
  • Farm a load of Burning Essences and get my Paladin to 97 in the process.


Oct 4, 2021
My main goal is to get Dual Dreams and make a Tesladin and Sorc. If I can get the runes and complete those 2, I will then complete a Dual Dream sept and hopefully find some other runes for future projects.


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Mar 24, 2020
- Finish Buriza based Frost Maiden (lvl ~20)
- Get twinked zealot to 93 (20 Baal-runs left)
- Get more motivation to actually play D2

Trying to keep it simple this year.


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Mar 13, 2020
  • Get some PvP experience under my belt and build more PvP chars
  • Progress and maybe finish untwinked 99er HC Barb (possibly in D2R)
  • Finish HC set sept
  • Get Anni & farm torches for all classes
  • Get Griffon's and either (or both) of DWeb or DFathom in HC


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Jan 20, 2021
I am terrible at making goals, cause I make to lofty ones and don't really care if I reach them or not. But these are all things I wanna get done. I think I have made a fairly reasonable list this time though. (Well, I always think that when I write them. But never when I read them at the end of the year.)

  1. Get back my Stormshield (Preferably on Vahanna. It would just feel more right that way.)
  2. Get a Jah (or it's cubeable equivilents), so I can make an Enigma.
  3. Get untwinked sept at least to NM act III (all 7).
  4. Start the Classy sept (1.11 RW themed, see here).
  5. Get Classy sept at least through normal.
  6. Participate in at least one MF/RF tournament.
  7. Participate in one "restrictive tournament" (you know, the kind that summons @Grisu).
  8. Teach daughters (who are 3 and 1 at the moment) to imitate at least one barbarian warcry.
  9. Upload recording of above to forums.
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