D2 Goals & Objectives for 2021


Mar 23, 2020
1) Get Nena into the 80's
2) Get Nena into Act 4 (Cos this allows Meph runs on top of AT runs if i so desire)
3) Get grail to -300
4) Get Hardcore grail to -400
5) To do above progress Mr Freeze into Nightmare
6) Take part in a tournament
7) Get Civ 6 grail over 35 (Current 26/54)

So er progress not that fast shall we say. Nena is 77 Mr Freeze is half way thru Act 2 still. Civ 6 grail erm semi unsure as other laptop HDD fail and not yet got it back yet which is usually possible then i'll copy stuff across when and if i get it back. I think its 29/58 currently as they added more leaders and i have gotten some more wins this year.


Mar 17, 2020
Must've missed it when this first got posted.

The goals are pretty much what I planned for last year - before I got distracted by other games.

1. Reach 98.5 on bowazon
- currently at 14%
- the exp calc says ~310h for level up

2. Complete Title sept
- Guardian fishymancer finished, writeup still to be done
- Mat Assassin and Pat Druid to go
- lost Baron paladin character file; perhaps re-baron a paladin as a zealot this time?

3. Start another sept
- with the current discussions about starter builds, starter sept seems like a good candidate

Good luck on everyone's goals this year
and stay safe! :D


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Mar 13, 2020
Current status, after having checked some lately:
2021 Goals
1) a sept of Guardian by the end of 2021. Twinking/trading accepted.
Paladin: ThouShallNotDie #Guardian at lvl 85
Assassin: ItsATrap lvl 44 #Destroyer #OrangeTournament
Necromancer: AlreadyDead #Guardian at lvl 83
Sorceress: Ballsy lvl 15
Druid: Zorro #Guardian at lvl 83
Amazon: Frida, #Guardian at lvl 84 #Untwinked #RandomTournament

Barbarian: Frenchy lvl 35 #Untwinked #SinglePass #BBBBBBTournament
2) Participate in each of the following tournaments with at least one set.
RFL any round : Travincal OK
Finding the Balance
3) Bring my untwinked twins to Hell
Athena Nightmare unlocked
Minerva Nightmare unlocked
4) Grail to -40, currently at -58 in my dedicated stashes.
5) Getting 2000 combined levels in the Murios' project.
Last submitted score: 1694
-> updated after levels gained by TraviRunnerS and Boots_To_ICE Pat'ing in the Itherael's iteration 3. To go: 3 other Guardians from first goal, and another Guardian/Patriarch/Matriarch.
6) Get HammerMessiah to 97 - currently 95.
7) Having my Battle.net ICE guild member Boots_To_ICE Patriarch : checked!
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Mar 19, 2020
Looks like I never made a list either, though I have had a mental one going. Pen to paper, as they say! Not a long list, but some hefty stuff in there. In no particular order:

- Finish my eBotD Sept (3/7 complete)
- Guardian at least one tournament character (A2H currently)
- Get Stevesy to 98+ (Last update: 97.75)
Get to Grail -4 (Currently -5)
Jul 17, 2020
Make a 1.06 character and find at least 1 crazy gg rare. That's all I ask. Maybe some 30frw/20fhr boots?

And...finish my FA/Lightning zon. No, not LF/FA. Lightning as in lightning bow damage:


Fully upgraded its physical damage will be 25-196...which is really low o_O A lot of +lightning charms and jewels will be used to bolster her non-cold attacks. Hoping for the stars to align for a circlet with 2 sockets, resists, +lightning damage and enhanced damage to tie everything together. Oh and while I'm wishing might as well throw in 30%FRW and +dex on that circlet too :sneaky:

Hmmm, but would an upped Skystrike be better? ~69-150 damage and a hell of a lot easier time hitting the 9/3 breakpoint...Might have to swap to it regardless of how "interesting" my rare is.
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Mar 16, 2020
Well, I never filled one out for 2021 either.
1. Get S/U grail to -40
2. Get Untwinked Light Sorc to 95+ and find Griffons
3. Get Untwinked Javazon to 95+ and make Enigma
4. Get Untwinked Bone Necro to 95+ and make Chains oh Honor
5. Complete RunsWithLava, my Orange...craft HC touney Druid

1. Close, Down to -46!
2. No Griffons yet, now lvl 94
3. Lvl 90, no enigma - hopefully will have a good RFL Rd 3 for enigma runes
4. Lvl 90, runes for CoH gathered, looking for suitable base
5. Just wrapping up Act 1 normal...long road ahead!


Dec 24, 2019
Main goals:
1. Finish the RW Grail

2. Take my 3 remaining PvP Assassins to lvl 95 (That will be 8 total)
One done, 2 to go

3. Make an Avenger in every class. More on this later, but there is just the Druid & Necro left
Druid done, Necro I will start after the RFL.

4. Actually play some PvP. HLD or LLD, it doesn't matter.
Finishing 1 has made this more likely, I just need to find a way of dragging some of you lot out onto The Blood Moor with me...

Stretch Goals
1. Make an additional Fury and CoH
CoH I can make with a bit of cubing, I want this for my Necro Avenger.
Fury will depend on RFL R3 or other tournaments as I'm not planning to run for runes outside tournaments any more. Well at least until D2:R. Actually I want to make a Sacred Targe Dream and maybe another Faith, so I'm not done with rune finding yet.

2. Improve the claws for my trappers
I have done some shopping, but no progress.

3. Beta CtA Phase Blade