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D2 Goals & Objectives for 2020


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Mar 13, 2019
Might as well update this, some goals actually progressed significantly.

  1. Rack Arkaine's, Shako, WTs, Valk Wing, LoH, M'avina's Tenet, Wizardspike and some eth (sup) RW bases. Forwarded the Arkaine's, will have to rack another :rolleyes: Also racked 2 (!) Wizardspikes for good measure.
  2. Craft as many blood gloves as humanly possible to have a shot at 3/20 Java gloves with double digit (hopefully 20+) LL.
  3. Make a 1.07 Java or Barb and run Travincal. Trav Barb operational, Java postponed until a weapon is found.
  4. Build up a stock of godly 1.07 charms. Already found some sick damage charms with 20+ Max Damage and some nice adds. Also found 12 Max Dam SC.
  5. Milk my circlet rack dry. 3/20 Fire Circlet is the goal.
  6. Find a HR. Found a Vex! Also Um, Um and Lem.
  7. Rush some Zons for GMBs and HF rewards.
  1. Craft a 2/20+ amulet.
  2. Cube 2000 2609 resistance rings (Currently there's enough material for about 2300 rings). The current goal is 2609 rings since at that number I have a 10% chance of getting an SoJ in 1.08!
  3. Find a HLW.
  1. Beta BKWB!
  2. Crescent Moon + Delirium. Found Lem and Um in 1.07 so just an Ist missing for this goal. (and of course a 3os Diadem)
  • Beta CtA. I already have a Vex from 1.07, nearly there. Also somehow managed to get 4 +3HS War Scepters in 1.00 without any other mods, perfect!

  1. Participate in OBP, RFL and MFO. Failed to participate in OBP and did 120 hours in RFL.
  2. Make a Trav Zealot.
  3. Continue my UT99er Sorc and Necro and twink the Assassin right out of that thread. Both are twinked now, RIP. Necro is still standing.
  4. Get to Grail -1. Reached -4 unexpectedly, this seems doable with MFO on the horizon.
  5. Get to RW Grail -5. Currently -7 and enough runes for -6 but missing bases and Ber/Jah.
  6. Run some more AT.
  7. Improve my Pindle/Countess HoR entry and get another good time somewhere. (This includes making Enigma in a light armor type)

Also got the mean clvl of my hell characters in 1.14d from somewhere around lvl 85 to a bit over 90. Wasn't my goal at the beginning of the year but it fit nicely. Maybe that is the way to reach 99 ... every character is level 98 and you can't help it but make your way to 99 🤪


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Jan 22, 2019
Summer update!

1) a sept of Guardian by the end of 2021, at least 3 for 2020. Twinking/trading accepted.
Paladin: ThouShallNotDie #Guardian at lvl 85
Assassin: ItsATrap lvl 19
Necromancer: AlreadyDead #Guardian at lvl 83
Sorceress: Ballsy lvl 15
Druid: Zorro lvl 39, BrianTribute lvl 22
Amazon: Frida, #Guardian at lvl 84 #Untwinked #RandomTournament
Barbarian: not started!
2) Participate in each of the following tournaments with at least one set.
OBP ok
RFL round 1 ok
RFL round 2 ok
RFL round 3 ok

MFO not started
3) Bring my untwinked twins to Nightmare
Athena act 5 lvl 30
Minerva act 5 lvl 30
4) Start to have a real grailing status updated thanks to ZerkAndDestroy pits running.
Current status: between 333 and 350 different S/U. Entry to be added to Grail thread.
5) Getting 1500 combined levels in the Murios' project.
Current score: 1179

See you on autumn's update!
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Aug 5, 2005
Finish the RW Grail
I'm at -5 with runes to go to -4. Even so, I think this will be difficult. i will still be happy if I get to -2.
Update: I’m still at -5, but now sitting on 3x Jah, 2x Sur, 5x Lo. I could go to -2 now, but I will wait to make more RWs until the stock is a bit higher or I need something for a build.

Make some LLD Characters
Been meaning to do it for years, maybe this year it will actually happen.
Update: None

Play some PvP
Failed in this last year, hoping for a better result in 2020.
Update: Later in the year I hope

Finish Third 2h Sword Sept
Only three left to do and all the remaining characters are in Hell, so should be achievable.
Update: Done


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Aug 18, 2004
Make 99 with my trapsin
On track

Reach 98 with my Hammerdin
Not so on track, 97 is looking more likely

Get into the 90's with my Kicksin
Not much progress but there's still time

Finally, at long last, make Guardian
Same, little progress but plenty of time


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Mar 14, 2020
Mid-year update

1. Finish Three Way Dance playthrough (should finish this month) --> Done!
2. Start a new twinked themed sept and get at least three to Pat/Mat --> Done!
3. Get untwinked 99er Barb to 98 (currently 95) --> currently 97.3, so on track and likely to get reasonably into lvl 98 before year's end
4. Get Enigma for untwinked 99er Druid (currently at Sur x2) --> Done!
5. Host 2020 Summer MFO --> fully within my control :) and will post thread this weekend to gauge availability/preference for timing in August


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Jun 22, 2019
Goals I had set out back in January.

1. Guardian my Necro (Fishymancer) (Act 1 Hell currently)-->this would finish my first twinked Guardian Sept. I started before joining this forum in June 2019
2. Get Amazon to 98...possibly 99...(96.1 currently)
3.Get Pally to 97....(currently 95)
4. Get Sorc/Druid/Assassin to 95 (93/93/89 respectively)
5.Get Pitzerker to 92..maybe 93...(Currently 90.2)
6. Make a Guardian Untwinked Sept. (Bowazon, Kicksin, PSN or Bone Necro, Frenzy Barb, Polearm Holy Freeze pally, Fire/Light Sorc, Fury Druid)
7. Get Grail down to -15 (-31 currently)
8. Participate more in forum with write-ups and involved in tourneys...competed in the Overburned Tourney.


2.Not currently looking like the 98 is happening...96.3 currently so maybe a push to 97 is likely...
3.Pally is at 95.5 currently but could make 96 with a good CS push.
4.Sorc is at 94, Druid is at 94, and Assassin is at 91...so 2/3 are within reason to hit 95 possibly.
5. Pitzerker is at 91 currently so not out of the possibility of making 92.
6.Guardian Sept project-->2/7 are Guardians (Fury Druid & Fire/Light Sorc.) All others are at Hell Act 1. Still possible.
7. Grail is currently at -20...5 more to go...MFO could drastically cut this down with the Pitzerker or Pindle running.
8. Have made some writeups, own thread running for the Guardian Sept and also competed in RFL for the first time.

So some goals are still within reason to make and others may be a stretch. 5+ months left to see how many goals are actually achieved.


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Nov 15, 2008
So copying what i posted on other site this is what i had gone for. Caveat is i did a full restart earlier this month so there are some minor technical flaws now ;) Nena is in act 3 normal at the moment and is my only character currently. So i shall go with the revisions below. I foresee a few months of this level lockdown and then some slackening and tightening for most the rest of 2020. Thus its perfectly doable still as there will be ample time ahead even if i only do a hour or so a day.

1) Get Nena to at least lvl 90 - Revised to getting Nena to Act 2 Hell for AT running.
2) Take part in a tournament of some sort
3) Get Mr Freeze into Hell
4) Progress the grail counter from -421 to hmm -300 i guess. Unsure on revising or not currently have a total of 4 items but with 1 and 3 its doable still.

There are hinderences to this namely Civ 6 which i have been playing a lot of as well as other games. My 'grail' for Civ 6 is currently 16/46 games won when counted as different leaders and for Elenor needs done twice as can be either English or French. Revisied to add will get around to creating a spreadsheet to track this rather than a sheet of paper ;)

1) Nena is er Early Act 5 NM so mostly there
2) Nope not yet ideally want a character in Hell first
3) Still in Normal
4) Its -466 currently but i can work on that .

Civ 6 grail is currently 23/48 it rose 2 cos New Frontier expansion added more people. Future ones during the year add more so that gets revised when i know who they are.

Now i should play some D2 i guess but i have a stack of youtube vids i wanna get thru as well
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Feb 24, 2004
Some updates/revisions from me:

1. Get untwinked 99er Amazon to level 95
Still only one hour into LK runs, but this should still be doable.

2. Guardian all one classes untwinked
This was a bit overzealous. Killing a sorc while rolling NM Mephisto maps due to blind teleporting took some of my steam out for this as well.

3. Place in top 3 in Baal category for MFO
Rather dependent on progress with goal #1
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Edmond Dantes

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Jun 16, 2020
This is what I posted on January 2nd in the old forum:

1) Make 5 Guardians (4 more to go!)
2) Stop killing off my characters (lost my level 89 untwinked sorc just three days ago)
3) Find a cham (only rune I've never found in 1.14d SC or HC)
4) Get my untwinked necro to level 95 (currently level 87)
5) Rebuild my sorc (twinked this time) to run LK
6) Make a CoH, Enigma, HoTO, and CTA in Hardcore (can already afford the latter two).
7) Use my Zod and don't die!

1) 3/5 complete (Sorc, Necro, Amazon). Working on Assassin and Paladin
2) Success (so far)!
3) Success!
4) Dropped this goal - turned him into a Twinked character. Only have one low level untwinked Amazon at the moment.
5) Success! Now level 95 and a Guardian. Running AT, Meph, and Pindle
6) Success, missing a Jah, Success, and Success
7) Success! This weapon is on the aforementioned Sorc.


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May 11, 2020
I'm keeping the goals real light this year considering I haven't played in over 2 years.

- Start playing again.

- I booted up my flash drive with all my old chars and stashes on it and opened a few out of sheer curiosity of what I had laying around. Reminded myself I have some interesting stuff, but thought I'd probably kill my characters if I actually played, disconnected the flash drive and put it away.


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Mar 20, 2020
Might as well toss in my hat

I've played single player off and on since 2012. For a long time, my goal was to finish the grail, and while I'm interested in that, I don't really see it actually happening.

More recently, my main goal is to guardian a single pass tournament character. The closest I've ever been to this was Vladimir the Skill-less Barbarian a few years ago, and my current Barbarian in the random tournament is about halfway there, so we'll see.


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Nov 15, 2008
1) Get Nena to at least lvl 90 - Revised to getting Nena to Act 2 Hell for AT running.
2) Take part in a tournament of some sort
3) Get Mr Freeze into Hell
4) Progress the grail counter from -421 to hmm -300 i guess. Unsure on revising or not currently have a total of 4 items but with 1 and 3 its doable still.

So current goal progress

1) Nena is lvl 71 and has cleared the den of evil in Hell so far. Rest is a tad careful as fireballs not super strong yet for when i get cold immunes
2) Not done this yet, maybe find a older one i fancy doing
3) Mr Freeze is lvl 16 and has reached the er inner cloister in normal so maybe i should play some if i fancy some HC action but i suspect nightmare might be a better target ;)
4) Current grail counter is -456 and -499 in hardcore as i track different and have diff Gomule stashes

Civ 6 is 25/51 done to date
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Apr 27, 2009
Looks like I didn't set any goals for 2020.

1) get AT sorc to level 98, she's been 97 for at least 2 years, currently at 3.18b
2) improve previous hall of records entry
3) win MFO? :D maybe next year
Jan 3, 2007
From the dii thread:
Grisu said:
Ah, finally some New Year's resolutions that acutally are meaningful! xD

Here are my goals for 2020:

1. Don't quit the SPF again without a word
2. Complete NM with every character from the Ability Sept Scroll Tournament
3. Finish a normal SC character in 1.00 to play HC in 1.00
4. Craft at least one ilvl99 greater craft item in 1.07
5. And if I completed the grail (-1 for a few years now - only Tyrael's is missing) I wouldn't complain about it, either :)
Well, succeeded with 1 so far.

ad 2) well, only completed Normal with every character so far - other tournaments got me sidetracked. I will settle for a Guaridan in the Random tournament as a compensation though ;-)

ad 3) err...well,

ad 4) Only lesser ilvl99 so far...

ad 5) with me not participating in the MFO unlikely to happen in 2020...


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Mar 14, 2020
Checking off the list :)

1. Finish Three Way Dance playthrough (should finish this month) --> Done!
2. Start a new twinked themed sept and get at least three to Pat/Mat --> Done!
3. Get untwinked 99er Barb to 98 (currently 95) --> Done!
4. Get Enigma for untwinked 99er Druid (currently at Sur x2) --> Done!
5. Host 2020 Summer MFO --> Done!

Time for some new goals! A new Sept is in the works, and hoping to take the HC Sorc to 96 (with completing the Runefinding Tour mixed in with HC characters).


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Jan 3, 2019
Great job everyone, especially @PhineasB for completing his list! Loving the activity on the thread, and I'll post an update on my goals too in the next week or two. Have built up a big backlog of posts I need to make on forum haha.
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