D2 Goals & Objectives for 2020


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Jan 3, 2019
Dear SPF,

What are your D2 goals and aspirations for 2020?

As the first quarter wraps up, I thought it would be a great time for a goals check-in. If you already posted your goals at the beginning of the year, give us an update! If not, it's never too late :p.

For me:
No.    Goal                             Progress
----   ----------------------------     --------------------
1.     lvl 99 with untwinked sorc       done! https://www.purediablo.com/forums/threads/all-spelled-out-arkana-the-untwinked-sorceress-reaches-99.81/
2.     One of every class to 95         barb and sorc 95, pala 94, necro 93, sin 92, zon and druid 90
3.     Grail -9                         at -17 (started year at -30)
4.     Get 60/78 for runeword grail     at 58/78, goal was too easy so switching it to 68/78
5.     20+ hours in all RFL and MFO     20 hours in rfl round 1 complete, and hosting and doing 20 hrs in obp went well too!
6.     <2 fab Hall of Records entry     pitzerker is geared at 743 mf and I'm practicing :) not quite there yet though
7.     twinked patmat all classes       no progress, haven't really been interested in this one at all

Great progress so far! And quarantine has resulted in a LOT more play... probably too much.
Goals I had set out back in January.

1. Guardian my Necro (Fishymancer) (Act 1 Hell currently)-->this would finish my first twinked Guardian Sept. I started before joining this forum in June 2019
2. Get Amazon to 98...possibly 99...(96.1 currently)
3.Get Pally to 97....(currently 95)
4. Get Sorc/Druid/Assassin to 95 (93/93/89 respectively)
5.Get Pitzerker to 92..maybe 93...(Currently 90.2)
6. Make a Guardian Untwinked Sept. (Bowazon, Kicksin, PSN or Bone Necro, Frenzy Barb, Polearm Holy Freeze pally, Fire/Light Sorc, Fury Druid)
7. Get Grail down to -15 (-31 currently)
8. Participate more in forum with write-ups and involved in tourneys...competed in the Overburned Tourney.


1. Complete
2. Amazon is currently at 96.2--gained 10%
3. Paladin is currently at 95.15--gained 15%
4. Sorc/Druid/Assassin to 95. Sorc is 94, Druid is 94, and Assassin is 91.45. Getting closer on this goal with the characters.
5. Pitzerker is stil at 90.2--haven't played him hardly at all yet.
6. Currently in the process of this major goal. 7/7 thru Normal. 3/7 thru NM. 0/7 thru Hell. The updates for this can be found here.
7. Grail down to -15. -25 currently. Found 6 items since January.
8. Participate more--compete in the OBP tourney, currently in the RFL with round 1 set done. Waiting on Round 2 to start. Also have a thread currently going for the Guardian Sept. (Complete)

Very Ambitious goals but I believe if I can complete 6/8 I'll be happy. Have to set the bar high to push myself.
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Thanks for moving this over @Luhkoh Timely, given Druid's LK luck yesterday and this am.

1. Finish Three Way Dance playthrough (should finish this month)
2. Start a new twinked themed sept and get at least three to Pat/Mat
3. Get untwinked 99er Barb to 98 (currently 95)
4. Get Enigma for untwinked 99er Druid (currently at Sur x2)
5. Host 2020 Summer MFO

1. Finish Three Way Dance playthrough (should finish this month) --> Done!
2. Start a new twinked themed sept and get at least three to Pat/Mat --> one finished, two others in Act III Hell
3. Get untwinked 99er Barb to 98 (currently 95) --> currently 96.5, so theoretically on track
4. Get Enigma for untwinked 99er Druid (currently at Sur x2) --> Done!
5. Host 2020 Summer MFO --> fully within my control :)
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Hmm. I don't know if I'll keep playing D2 much, but if I do I guess what I'd have as goals would be:

1. Find a Cranium Basher. Self found grail isn't *that* important to me, but if I find that I'll focus on the other two pieces a bit.
2. Farm some more high runes. Since most of my playtime was before 1.13, my rune pile isn't as crazy as some. Being able to make a second Faith, Cham a Harley, etc. would be nice.
3. Craft some caster amulets. One of the coolest things you can do in D2 anyway, and I could certainly benefit from better amulets for specific situations (like a 2/10 sorc that isn't garbage...)
4. I had a character named and created (though still level 1) with a cool build idea from years ago, maybe finish that. Possibly do some more.

My goals aren't terribly aspirational, my time for D2 is small. Nor are they are really driving for effort, because there's not much left in D2 for me to want in terms of accomplishments: I've won competitions, I've done strange builds and I've put in ungodly amounts of time. Now all I really want if I'm going to play at all is to just have fun, so my goals are to do things I enjoy: run AT, run Trav, craft caster amulets and make interesting characters.

Not to say anyone else's goals shouldn't be ambitious, but that's not where I am anymore. I do remember how great it was setting ambitious goals for D2 and smashing them, so best of luck to all of you!
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1. Get untwinked 99er Amazon to level 95
2. Guardian all classes untwinked
3. Place in top 3 in Baal category for MFO

I think that's about it for this year, considering I'm starting fresh again. Number 2 will be fun, considering I've made zero guardians. They'll all probably be cookie cutters purpose-built for area running.
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So copying what i posted on other site this is what i had gone for. Caveat is i did a full restart earlier this month so there are some minor technical flaws now ;) Nena is in act 3 normal at the moment and is my only character currently. So i shall go with the revisions below. I foresee a few months of this level lockdown and then some slackening and tightening for most the rest of 2020. Thus its perfectly doable still as there will be ample time ahead even if i only do a hour or so a day.

1) Get Nena to at least lvl 90 - Revised to getting Nena to Act 2 Hell for AT running.
2) Take part in a tournament of some sort
3) Get Mr Freeze into Hell
4) Progress the grail counter from -421 to hmm -300 i guess. Unsure on revising or not currently have a total of 4 items but with 1 and 3 its doable still.

There are hinderences to this namely Civ 6 which i have been playing a lot of as well as other games. My 'grail' for Civ 6 is currently 16/46 games won when counted as different leaders and for Elenor needs done twice as can be either English or French. Revisied to add will get around to creating a spreadsheet to track this rather than a sheet of paper ;)
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My goals shall be those ones, as I restarted:
1) a sept of Guardian by the end of 2021, at least 3 for 2020. Twinking/trading accepted.
Paladin: done with ThouShallNotDie
Necromancer: AlreadyDead is running, at Harrogath, lvl 29 minus a slice of xp bar
Assassin: ItsATrap, just killed Andariel, lvl 19.
Others: not started yet!
2) Participate in each of the following tournaments with at least one set.
OBP ok
RFL round 1 ok
RFL round 2 not started
RFL round 3 not started
MFO not started
3) Bring my untwinked twins to Nightmare
Athena act 1 lvl 15
Minerva act 1 lvl 14
4) Start to have a real grailing status updated thanks to ZerkAndDestroy pits running.
Current status: between 333 and 350 different S/U. Entry to be added to Grail thread.
5) Getting 1500 combined levels in the Murios' project.
Current score: 1003

That's it!
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1) Don't get bored
2) Don't get bored
3) Finish an interesting project I had in mind for 5 years (yah, right) currently in mid A1 Normal
4) If by some miracle I don't get bored - hit 97 on Shivers (AT Blizzard Sorc) and Medivh (CS Hammerdin)
5) Cross off some stuff from the Grail and RW Grain and officially enter the tables.
6) Run Mephisto and Travincal until they cough up Bul, SoJ and Mara's, ffs!
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1) Don't get bored
2) Don't get bored
3) Finish an interesting project I had in mind for 5 years (yah, right) currently in mid A1 Normal
4) If by some miracle I don't get bored - hit 97 on Shivers (AT Blizzard Sorc) and Medivh (CS Hammerdin)
5) Cross off some stuff from the Grail and RW Grain and officially enter the tables.
6) Run Mephisto and Travincal until they cough up Bul, SoJ and Mara's, ffs!
Particularly like the 6th...#RFL_Trending #RealLifeTrending
Updating mine a bit. It seemed crazy ambitious at the beginning of the year but thanks to Corona it may become a reality :D

  1. Rack Arkaine's, Shako, WTs, Valk Wing, LoH, M'avina's Tenet, Wizardspike and some eth (sup) RW bases. Forwarded the Arkaine's, will have to rack another :rolleyes:
  2. Craft as many blood gloves as humanly possible to have a shot at 3/20 Java gloves with double digit (hopefully 20+) LL.
  3. Make a 1.07 Java or Barb and run Travincal.
  4. Build up a stock of godly 1.07 charms. Already found some sick damage charms with 20+ Max Damage and some nice adds.
  5. Milk my circlet rack dry. 3/20 Fire Circlet is the goal.
  6. Find a HR. Found a Vex!
  7. Rush some Zons for GMBs and HF rewards (don't know where to collect yet)
  1. Craft a 2/20+ amulet.
  2. Cube 2000 resistance rings (Currently there's enough material for about 1500 rings). Hoping for 30+ MF with res, godly rares or just an SoJ :p
  3. Find a HLW.
  1. Beta BKWB!
  2. Crescent Moon + Delirium
  • Beta CtA (I already have a Vex from 1.07, nearly there ...)

  1. Participate in OBP, RFL and MFO. Failed to participate in OBP and currently 50 hours into the first round of RFL.
  2. Make a Trav Zealot.
  3. Continue my UT99er Sorc and Necro and twink the Assassin right out of that thread. Both are twinked now, RIP.
  4. Get to Grail -1.
  5. Get to RW Grail -5.
  6. Run some more AT.
  7. Improve my Pindle/Countess HoR entry and get another good time somewhere. (This includes making Enigma in a light armor type)
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1. Complete 1.07 grail
2. Write v2 of 1.07 Crafting guide
__2a. Craft a great weapon with 512+ %ED, so I can be pissed when the game trunicates it to 511%ED :rolleyes:
3. Write 1.08 Crafting guide
__3a. Craft a 1.08 caster ammy with +2 skills and 21+FCR (and hopefully other good mods)
4. Play more in modern patch (well, 1.13d anyway...)
__4a. Get a blue unique Sacred Armor (18 green ones and counting 🤬)
__4b. work more on Pit Singer (really enjoying this guy)
__4c. progress more on other modern projects...
5. Participate (and hopefully do well) in SPF events (RFL, MFO, etc.)

1. getting close...racked a Cranium Basher and Nat's Armor prior to RFL...I expect Naj's Puzzler to be the hardest (can't be racked), although Bane Ash is also proving very elusive (7k+ Hell Andy runs and counting....🥵)
2. In progress...getting there :coffee:
__2a. Not Yet...
3. In progress...slowly
__3a. Nope
4. some...played Pit Singer in OTB tourney
__4a. Nope
__4b. OTB Tourney, almost certainly in MFO this summer
__4c. Some...
5. Yup.... OTB tourney, RFL round 1 so far...

Same simple goals.

1. Reach 98.5 with bowa
2. Finish title sept
3. Start one new sept

1. Reach 99 with bowa. Staying stubborn enough to finish without Enigma and with bow-only weapons.
2. n/a
3. Finish the new sept

1. Started chipping away just last week. Already got my first tick of exp. :D
- used last socket quest on merc's non-eth Reapers. The Ber in it alone speeds up Diablo kill considerably.
2. 4/7 completed last year.
- Patriarch-to-be Fire/Summer Druid is currently parked in Hell RoF.
- Guardian-to-be Necromancer and Matriarch-to-be Assassin are somewhere in Normal.
3. Leaning towards Class-set sept...
- but with a slight twist that they are renting the sets and must collectively re-find every item.
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Here's mine, imported :

1) Get my untwinked 99er frenzy barb to level 98, maybe even to 99
2) Twink a Blova for MF purposes
3) Twink a Corpes Explosion necro for MFing (not sure which type of CE necro yet)
4) Participate in some more SPF tournaments
5) Push the Grail further
6) Get my untwinked Enchantress to level 93

How I'm doing thus far :

1. Closing in on 95. Still, with other tourney around, I might not make it this year.
2. Not quite done. Need an Infinity, a Blizz Ormus and a Griffon. Death Fathom is crossed of the list, though.
3. Not even close. I got into the Hdin business instead. Don't even know why.
4. OBP Trouney and RFL. Will be in MFO too. How competitive ? Well that's another story...
5. Going good. At -57 right now. Some good stuff already crossed off, like Templar's, Astreon's and Death Fathom.
6. She's on the back burner right now, but I will definitively continue her. One of he more fun playthrough I had.
1. Get S/U grail to -50 (-157 currently)
2. Get Untwinked Light Sorc to 95+ (93 currently) and find Griffons
3. Get Untwinked Javazon to 95+ (** currently) and make Enigma and Infinity (Sur, Ber so far)
4. Get all ability scroll tourney chars through Nightmare
5. Finish Overburdened tourney trapsin

1. Made progress to -83, it's just around the corner! ;)
2. No Griffons yet, now lvl 94
3. Still 88, no enigma but did make infinity - hopefully will have a good RFL Rd 3 for enigma runes
4. Have 1 char left for Act 2 normal yet, been on hold, low motivation atm
5. no progress

Additional Goal:
Get new UT 99er Necro to 95+ and make Engima (currently 86)
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Thought I'd check in and do a progress report now that the years pretty much half over. How goes your all's D2 goals? And ofc, not too late to start some new ones :).

I've been making some great progress despite being sidetracked by minecraft lately. I think I'm gonna maintain switching between d2 and another video game each week. So my d2 time will decrease, but still getting a lot done! I think I'm going to replace my twinked patmat goals to a goal for my 1kmw thread. Just don't seem to be interested in taking characters through the game lately.

For me:
No.    Goal                             Progress
----   ----------------------------     --------------------
1.     lvl 99 with untwinked sorc       done! https://www.purediablo.com/forums/threads/all-spelled-out-arkana-the-untwinked-sorceress-reaches-99.81/
2.     One of every class to 95         4x95, 3x93. Getting close! Zon, druid, and assassin are the 3x93.
3.     Grail -9                         done! Am at -5. Super happy about this. Much farther than I thought I'd make it.
4.     Get 70/78 for runeword grail     at 64/78. I keep upping this goal. No progress lately since mostly been playing on p1, but did find a ber from wave 1 the other day :).
5.     20+ hours in all RFL and MFO     Success on the the RFL sets. Looking forward to MFO.
6.     <2 fab Hall of Records entry     Not much progress here, but have been mf'ing a lot, so hopefully my skillz are slowly improving.
7.     8 total 1kmw sets complete       at 4/8. Absolutely loving this project, and the grail progress speaks for itself. 8 seems like a good goal for the year.
For me:

  • get multiple +3 Holy Shield Warscepters with a high enough item level for some beta Call to Arms
  • mostly done here, some nice rare boots are on my wishlist, but I think I got what I need from this patch apart from the scepters

  • get some characters to level 99
  • cubing a +all resistances unique amulet and not nokazons...
  • get some 15% enhanced damage ethereal bases for BotD and/or Death
  • find a Zod-rune for Zod-bugging, hopefully, a 15% enhanced damage Berserker Axe with 5 sockets for Grief
I had set two goals at the beginning on the year.

1. Get to grail -40 (currently sitting at -41)
2. Get my second "sept" to act 1 Hell Difficulty (this is done, but going to try and push to Pat/Mat them all)
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