D2 = boring, finished, not worth playing


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Dec 14, 2005
D2 = boring, finished, not worth playing

I've enjoyed all 6 years of playing this game, even in original D2, cowing away, when the resolution just sucked and you could barely see the enemies creeping up on you ><...it was fun. but I see where this games' at now and it just keeps getting worse.
I think maybe I'm just having a terrible 2 weeks, but I try to get people to run... but no one these days seems to have any sorta will at all to even play pvm, they just want people to baby sit the'm and run for them. In duels all I see is cocky hammerdins, smiters who think god sent them to duel and as soon as I finally get in a good duel of me vs a windy or so, someone jumps in and kills me double team, or someone guards the town till every1 has to leave, etc etc etc. Even when you do friggin' pwn, u never get any props 'cause your a shaper and they hate you. Just face it, this game's gotten BM outta control and sux,it's all ego, and nobody wants to play the same hackneyed Q's over and over again so all the energy is just gone from where it used to be.
Also, I feel like its frowned upon too much to not have PERFECT GEAR. It's a false sense of hope to suggest that every1 needs perfect GC's, 3/20/20's, eTombs in many of these builds people suggest... its unrealistic and I feel that people are afraid to admit that they might have "imperfect equipment" which is just sad.... I think the saddest thing to me is that some people DO have it... but that's just me
I know I'm being an negative nancy but you see where I'm coming from, it seems like every angle that used to be fun has just sorta turned bad...its hard to find permanent satisfaction because of it, so I think I'll take a break from this game for a while, and maybe I'll find a reason to come back a while down the road...we'll see
I feel your pain, but unlike you I find it amusing how stupid everyone else can be in this game. (I'm talking public b.net, not this forum).

Everyone's so obsesive about perfect gear cause its the only reason we really play. The game its self got played out years ago, that leads to PVP. That aspect of the game is terribly unbalanced, but just the thought of having an "eth tomb" is strong enough to make you keep playing.

Same crap happens to me all the time too. I get bored of it and stop playing for a few months then come back with renewed interest.
Sorry I just felt like I need a break from all the chaos, your totally right ^^

I wish every1 in the game was as cool as this forum, ah well.
Yah takin a break would be a good idea and its not like its gonna hurt you too not play d2 =p

Just keep stoppin by teh druid forum too say hi

Ah well... I'm still playing untwinked characters and having fun trying for that perfect mix of equipment. Yeah I don't do much pubby stuff unless I know the people (at least by reputation). As for doing 'runs', some people are ok to run with and others just leech. I try to keep an eye on the leechers and if I enter a game with a lot of them, I'll just exit. I think that if you happen to run into some of the forum people here, you should be more than OK since most of the guys and gals here are cool.
Ran into ink&dagger one time and was thrilled to actually a fellow forum member on bnet. Haven't played much lately since kids do take a lot of time outta ya, but I still log in to keep the accounts active and occasionally to go fury the heck outta Baal.

good luck and good hunting!

jary, i know exactly where your coming from, so i have a recomendation. go back and play classic. i played diablo xpac a hella long time. i was all for druid duels and all that. man it was great before mass duping and runewords. then 1.10 came out and i stopped seeing druid duels and all the 1.09 spirit was gone. so i played classic as a joke. and dude, i fell in love with it! classic ladder is great. its a small community so everyone gets to know eachother. theres no runewords and very few decent uniques. the best items are rares and its impossible to have the same rare. its great. theres no duping what so ever, remember this is classic LADDER, and its just amazing. dueling requires alot of different tactics with no enigma and all that. i had some amazing chars too man, it was great. but what really got me loving it was the bvb games. all barbs pretty much use the same exact items. EXCEPT weapons, they all have a different rare battle hammer, naga, or executioner sword. i got lucky and worked really hard and came across a 174 dmg battle hammer which was the highest dmg one there was for that season. it was like having the only cruel myth of quickness. heres a pick-

neways man, the bvb community of classic is just like the old druid duels community of 1.09. everyone knows each other, everyone respects eachother, and its great! seriously, if your bored of diablo, go make a character on classic ladder and experience a whole new game. classic has no dupes, no enigma, no charms, no runewords, no game spammers, and no baal runes =)

thats my 98 cents.
I guess he thought it was another Kiba thread. ^^

Anyways, I think you should really avoid pubby games/ duels as much as you can. Too much exposure to bnet noobs is not good for you. =(
West was pretty good too, I played 4 years in West and rarely complained.
= )
too bad I lost everything there, ah well. I think just 'bout every1 can vouch for that :wink3:

*btw Kiba, that wolf barb vid was you? lol
I saw that on youtube from a link... I was Rofffling away. The whole time I was like ...plzzz don't screw up mr. wolfie, ouch ><

...it'd be hilarious if you threw on a Dream helm and kill'd them over the course of like 5 min ^^
I feel your pain Jary, but I don't think the stuff you mentioned has changed over the more than 6 years I've played. Its always been fads of eight player duel games with exactly the same builds, with the exact same equip. I agree that's very annoying, and I wish that every little kid pvping with that hammerdin would get a little creativity in their mind.
As for the gear, I have to agree that for myself, a large part of the fun is gathering the gear itself for my characters.
I'd suggest take a break, that's what I always do. Follows this order for me: quit, lose stuff, but eventually I am back (lol you can see I'm here now), and have fun starting from scratch.

There is a simple answer.

Duel in private games. No more buggers then.
I've noticed that the druid forum seems to have a bunch of people breaking the norm and trying something different. I love it. The whole reason I still play D2 is to try different things and pvm mostly and quest with different strategies and builds. Finding rare items.. Private duelz are fun too. as tight as everyone in the Druid forum is you guys should be able to get plenty of them going. The best thing for me is getting a buddy to quest with me and spend the time going through all the maps gaining exp, chatting, finding stuff, using eachothers party benefits to complete quests and developing our chars. Good times. Take a break but don't lose faith, there are plenty of good people still on B-Net. Cya
i hate how poeple think that ethics do not apply to D2 because you cant see them face to face. Example. I made a private game with the name 212////212 and I know, stupid me, same pw as name. I was xferin an AP Fort with a friend, someone on his friends list came in cause pw was too easy, grabbed the fort, and exited game, never to be seen again. I was rather unhappy, as this is non-ladder and that was my best item. i was xferin it to my recently build rabies/fury wolf. then he wouldnt respond to his 'friend' telling him to come give it back and got offline. That kind of stuff makes me sick. No ethics simply because I cant see him face to face. i doubt he goes into the car dealership, looks the guy in the face, gets a key, and drives the car off the lot. I still play tho for the fact that there are people out there that play for fun.

The other day, I found a guy that leveled all his characters to lvl 90 (6 chars i think) without doing baal runs because he has been playing private games and did not know about baal runs. He has been leveling these characters for over a year i think. People like that make me continue to play.
A friend of mine in the game over the past week stole an annihilus from me that I trusted in an xfer, it was a few days ago.
I havne't gotten a hold of him since, maybe I'm squelched. I'm just more hurt that he chose that over my friendship, oh well.\
i try to run through my f list every once in a while to make sure i keep in contact with the people on it. If i dont keep in contact with them, i remove them so i dont ask them for help, and there is no friendship there. no friendship = not trustworthy.

When you take your break from d2, remember to log in every once in a while not to lose your stuff. letting things rot is like selling it all to charsi =)
i doubt he goes into the car dealership, looks the guy in the face, gets a key, and drives the car off the lot.

I bet he would love to though. Alot of people would love to do just that. Theres no consequences on battle.net (just karma if you believe in that shiz)so its easy to just not care and do petty things like this.
A game like d2 really shows who has morals/values and who does not.

A game like d2 really shows who has morals/values and who does not.

True, too true. Thing is, everyone would like to just walk into a car dealership and walk out with a car for free with no consequences. Its just the people that do it that we need to watch for.
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