D Flight Questions


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Apr 24, 2005
D Flight Questions

I'm sure this is in an FAQ somewhere but I couldn't find it.

I was just hoping to find out what breakpoints DFlight used...whether it was FCR or IAS...if its FCR then that's easy to figure out...if its IAS it depends on weapon obviously...would it use the same table as talon or tail...or what?

Or maybe its just a set X number of frames?

Also venom works with it I assume? And finally...anyone know if "auras" stack their damage on that (for example a dream helm's holy shock)? I'd assume "yes" but..just checking.

It's on a timer, so any FCR effect would be negligible as it is. I can't imagine that any IAS effect would also be...negligible. I don't want to actually give you a flat out answer though, since I dont' know...for sure.

Yes, Venom works with it. If you have a "Dream" helm on, then yes, it will "stack" with DFlight damage.
Yeah, IAS/FCR no effect on Dflight. A real shame, slow casting delay around 20+ frames (can't remember exact number, like 24) only accurate at close range. Highly interruptible.
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