curses for bone?


Dec 2, 2006
curses for bone?

okay, i made meself a bone necro who's lvl 70 now.
i maxed bone spirit, bone spear, and teeth.
i also put quite a few points into bone armor, i put some into bone wall...
my dmg is now 2k with bone spear :/
(since i cant use my torch yet i spose)... dno why the dmg is so low.

my gear is

trang gloves
tal belt :S
sanders boots
eye of the etlitch
raven + dwarf.

my res' are at ~-60 in hell and my dmg is barely 2k with spear. what did i do wrong :p

oh in my stats i put like 15-20 str (enough for gear)
i accidentally put 5 to dext and 5 to energy lol
rest vita

i play pvm btw.
what curse should i be using?
and should i get a pair of marrowwalks to use that famous bug?
Decrept, and dim vision (maybe attract as well). No spell increases bone damage as far as I know, so you want things that slows enemies down.
i'd recommend dim vision because it stops enemy completely for the duration and has no prerequisites, the only bad side it doesn't work on unique/champion/act bosses for that you can use decrepify
Hm, may have found the cure to your low dmg problem....your investing in Bone Armor, even though its synergies give more added damage protection (15 vs 10) per lvl than BA itself does, not to mention that Bone Wall/Prison also synergiez Bone Spear/Spirit, so that will effect you damage quite a bit, though im afraid u'll either have to live with it or remake :/
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