Criticize My Sin. (Hybrid)


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Sep 12, 2006
Criticize My Sin. (Hybrid)

First of all, i was thinking about remaking my sin into a more trapping one.
I maxed:
venom, MB, and claw mastery. should i remake and max LS and DS? is maxing MB worth it?

I got NO pts in any MA skills, and 1 pt each on the LS traps and synergies. ( i get df from my fools claw)

Now on to the Stats. with BO
LVL 89
lvl 46 venom
lvl 41 fade
2755-3852 WW dmg
1-361 LS dmg. Pathetic i know. (lvl 17 LS)

13384 AR with WW
61% claw block
3845 Life
457 Mana
65 FCR
50% FHR ( can get more with Charms )
25/45/63/49 Resist in Hell (not maxed)
Slow trap laying speed..

2sin / 20 fcr/ +27 Strength/ +15 Life Circlet (Shaeled) (20 FHR)
MP Nigma
2/25 Shadow Dancers
Trangs Gloves
27 Maras
Feral Chaos ( +3 LS )
Rare Fools Claw (Greater Talons) +2 Ls, +1 DF, +1 Cobra Strike, KnockBack (UMed)
247/50 RavenFrost
10fcr/ 20 strength / 18 lightning resist ring
5bo cta/ spirit on switch

9x Shadow Gcs ( 40,40,38,37,35,32,30,30,6 Strength) (3x fhr in chest for more FHR)
20/13 torch, 20/14/9 anni
+1 dex / 11 mana sc
18/4 ligRes sc
20 Lifesc
20/ 3 % PR
20/11 Lr
+2 dex/ 18 def
19 Life
16 Life/ 10 PR
19/11 Pr
19/5 LR

With all these gear on. i have 194 strength and EXACTLY 113 Dex for Feral Chaos.

I can switch out dancers for Waterwalks and put on 10fcr/11 dex/ 100 ar ring for more life.

But my problem is resist. i know i can get 13 more % increase with perfect torch and anni but it still is not @ max. I dont know im not very happy with this sin seeing that most ww sin have 3k ww smg and 6k trap dmg. should i just remake?
i would definately suggest remaking since you have claws specifically for a ghost ww/ ls hybrid.

2 mb
1pt all other shadow skills
rest into other synergies for ls

that should give you adequate damage for ls altho you ar will probably decrease down to maybe 10-12k... which is still very adequate in most cases.

as for resists maybe look into finding a nice pair of uped rares with dual or tri res.
Your build is almost like a WW/Kick/Stun that uses base level traps and high MB just to stun and kick and WW for most dmg.

20 Mastery
20 Venom
20 MB
Fade for 50 DR
Talon for level 17 or 23
If you don't put points in the LS skills, they will suck. You need a remake if you wanna be a hybrid WW/Traps. Your gear would be great for that, though plain ww/stun is pretty good too.
Okay, you have claws that are awesome for a WW/Trapper. I'd personnally remake and max venom, then as much LS synergies as you can. 61% CB is overkill, just go with 60% @ lvl 26.

You have slow trap laying because you have a Fools with no IAS. Unfortunately if you put your Chaos on the main hand, you lose the AR bonus and thus the point of Fools. Get a Runic or Feral Fury for now, and look for a Fool's claw with IAS. Also, regardless of your choices with claws, you need to socket a jewel with 15IAS into your helmet or you won't get 9 frame anyway. The shael is pretty much wasted.

Your gear is very nice, but you have low res because you have no resists at all on the helm. Try getting a 15res/15IAS jewel and socket it there, then switch out some 20 lifers for 5res all. Try to stay above 3.6k life when you do this (in terms of how many you change).
thx for the input. i do have a fools blade talons of quickness, is it good to UM/NEF it and use it?

is it worth it even though it has no + skills
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