Criticize My Hybrid Item Goals


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Apr 24, 2005
Criticize My Hybrid Item Goals

I should say ahead of time that I play on west SCL, and while I'm not the richest player on the realm, I shouldn't have funding issues in general.

Now on to my dream item list:

2 Sin / 20 FCR / Visionary / 2 sockets (15/15'd, with a shael if 2 socketed)
(I currently have a 2/20/vis plain, but really want a 2 socket/life/res base if I can manage. I would of coarse settle for just one of those extra mods.)

2 Sin / 15 FCR / Life / Resists
(20 FCR isn't neccesary so hopefully that reduces the cost. In general I value Life > Stats, since I should have the str/dex covered elsewhere.)

Claw 1 (greater or runic):
Fools/40IAS/3 Lightning Sentry/2 Sockets
(This claw could be magic for all I care, and would be my primary weapon at all times. Rare with other mods, while keeping 2 sockets would be ideal. UmUm runed.)

Claw 2 (greater or runic):
3 LS/1-3 DF/1-3Blade Shield (or 2-3 Mind Blast)
(Requires at the very least 3 LS and 1 DF, but an end game claw would also have either mind blast or blade shield to save me skillpoints, etc.)

Enigma, stats never matter on this. Low str req, so probably mage. -_-

Ring 1:
20/250 Ravenfrost

Ring 2:
(Very saught after stats for many builds, so it won't be too cheap. It should still be easy enough to find though.)


2/25 Dancer

24 FHR/10 Open Wounds/ 20+strength/50+life belt crafted
(This might be one of the oddest components of the build I have in mind. I find the FHR is lacking in this build otherwise, and considering crafted belts can have up to 30 strength, this frees up possible mods on my ammy/circ, allowing for more life on those.

24 FHR + 20+str + 50+ life really just translates to a ton of HP if you consider it allows for 2 more 45 lifers, 20 more vitality, etc. 10 Open wounds is obviously key for this build too.)

6x45 Lifer Shadows (8x if shaeld hat)
3x12 FHR Shadows (1x if shaeld hat)
10x 20/5's

So yeah, I haven't played in well over a year and a half. Everything I listed was from memory. I am definitely expecting that this build isn't ideal, so tell me what needs changing and why.

Thanks a ton! :D
Re: Criticize My Hybrid Item Goals

Helm seems alright for a goal. Even the one you have at the moment is pretty good (some settle for worse after all ;) )

Amy would only need to be that if you really want the belt. Otherwise, an arach takes that part and another amy can sub in. Even still, the 2sin life / res part would take its place anyway, so maybe on the amy to get the belt free.

On claws, I'd go for GT. Unless you can make a phys, hybrids are generally venom anyway. If you have RT--the dancer alone would suffice for them--then by all means use it. On claw 2, go for MB over Dflight anyday. keep the BS and LS on there. More dmg and less skills for getting to BS. Still get the wof at least >>

ring 2 would certainly be ideal. For budget though, don't hesitate to at least get a 10 fcr with res and stuff if you need to. extra is just gravy :) (life and mana always welcome in my book)

OW is essentially covered by fools. Even still, if you get the ammy, this frees up the spot for alot more life (saving you fhr gc/sc ' s).

Charms seem Ok.

Ultimately, it's pretty balanced.
Re: Criticize My Hybrid Item Goals

i cant see any DR or Absorbs there, sounds like GM dreaming gear imo ( more or less )
Re: Criticize My Hybrid Item Goals

i cant see any DR or Absorbs there, sounds like GM dreaming gear imo ( more or less )
Well my thoughts on DR is with proper +skills gear, and potentially fade claws which seem to be more common now, I can hit 45+ phys reduction as is, counting ber in enigma.

As for absorb, well if I go with the crafted belt for example, and notice I only really aim for 20 strength on it as required, I could easily sub in tgods, get the same 20 str, and not lose a FCR BP like I would if I relied on arachs. I lose a FHR BP and some hard HP/Open wounds, but gain.. tgods.

Aside from that, I don't really like absorb in general. I mean it's lame don't you think, I'm not much for BM anyway.

Really the belt is the odd item out I think though right? How many of you use an open wounds belt, and how do you feel about it's performance?

Re: Criticize My Hybrid Item Goals

i cant see any DR or Absorbs there, sounds like GM dreaming gear imo ( more or less )
Fade in this set-up gives decent DR. And uh, how exactly can a hybrid bm? :p You're left with WW at best >< Bm cripples this, so Gm more likely.

And yes, non-arach belts are pretty much uncommon. Not bad, just not usual is all. Arach's fcr and skill is just too good some times.

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