Crafting wand question...


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Nov 6, 2009
Crafting wand question...

Can I get +2 to necromancer skill if i craft a caster elite wand with low ilvl using low level character? I want that add to skele summoning/mastery skill and +2 to necromancer skill if possible.
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The lowest ilvl you can get on a high qlvl magical wand is 25, using the 3 chipped gems recipe. If you craft such a wand with a level 1 character, the resulting ilvl should become 12, which is not ideal, but quite nice for the low-level staffmods (there is 30% chance for each staffmod to be from the level 1 tier).

In order to have a shot at +2 Necro skills, you need a Lich Wand, Unearthed Wand or Grave Wand (Grave Wand will work because it has qlvl=49 and magic lvl=1, so it can always spawn up to level 50 affixes).
Re: Crafting wand question...

Are the staffmods that appear on the crafted is based on the magic wand ilvl or the after the crafting item?

And +2 necromancer skill always have chance to appear as long as it is an elite wand? Is there anyway I can read about this qlvl magic level thing?
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Staffmods are based on item level only, and in the case of crafted item, on the current ilvl of the item (i.e. after the craft is done).
(However, Paladin shields have 'automods' that is based on affix level, so the elite types can´t get the worst automods, even at low ilvl).

I am going to paste a lenghty post from Thrugg here. It explains everything I have ever needed to know about affix levels:

Thrugg said:
All items of one base type (eg Short Swords) have the same qlvl (Short Swords are qlvl 1 in fact). In a sense, qlvl measures "what the item is". The equipment TCs actually group together these qlvls in sets of 3 (eg TC3 is all qlvl 1, 2 and 3 equipment items). Even non-equipment items have qlvls though - anything that can spawn random mods (eg charms, jewels, rings) has to have one.

Each individual item has its own ilvl, which depends on its source and is obviously different from item to item. In a sense, ilvl measures "where an item comes from". Typically ilvl = mlvl of the monster/container that drops it, but cube recipes can also change it, and there are rules for shopped/gambled items too. (Shopped item: ilvl=clvl+5, but capped at ilvl 12, 20, 28, 36, 45 in the different acts in Normal; Gambled item: clvl-5?ilvl?clvl+4)

When the game tries to spawn random mods (this is on the creation of any new magic, rare or crafted item), it uses both the item's ilvl and the qlvl. It combines the two into another number called alvl, which indicates how high the mods are it can get.

The first step is to find the highest of ilvl and qlvl, as I mentioned above. Call that X.

Next, the game decides if the item is "high level" or "low level". This is basically a test to see whether X is more than 99 - (qlvl/2). Round down after the division, as always in D2. A qlvl 1 item is always "low level", and an item which is qlvl 66 or more is always "high level". In between, it depends on the ilvl.

If an item is "low level", then its alvl = X - (qlvl/2).

If an item is "high level", then its alvl = (2 * X) - 99.

This looks like a bunch of maths but isn't too hard to get your head around if you play with it a bit. A qlvl 1 item like a Short Sword, or more usefully, a GC or amulet, is always "low level" because ilvl is always at least 1 and less than 99. So for them, alvl = ilvl, and it is reasonably simple to work out which mods they can get.

For a qlvl 28 item like a SC, the first step means that any SC that is less than ilvl 28 can get the same mods as if it is ilvl 28, because in that case the qlvl takes over. SCs are considered low level up to 99 - (28/2) = 85, so for most of the time they are alvl = ilvl - 14. That means that for SCs,
if ilvl <= 28, alvl = 14
if 28 <= ilvl <= 85, alvl = ilvl - 14
if 85 <= ilvl, alvl = (2*ilvl) - 99.

So how do you decide if you can get a mod like Cruel? Well, Cruel on rares is alvl 56. For a high level item to get to alvl 56, it just needs to solve (2*X) - 99 > 56, which means X is at least 78, ie if either ilvl or qlvl are 78 or more, you're good.
But you could also get Cruel as a low level item. For that you need ilvl - (qlvl/2) > 56. In this case, unintuitively, it is better to have a low qlvl. A Short Sword can get Cruel at ilvl 56. However, a Long Sword (qlvl 20) needs to be ilvl 66, a Battle Sword (qlvl 40) needs to be ilvl 76, and by the time you get to Rune Sword (qlvl 44) you need to be a high level item anyway.

OK, unglaze your eyes, I'm almost done.
There is one group of items that are a big exception to this rule. They are "magic level" items, which are basically all circlet types, all staves and orbs, and all wands except for the elite ones (which is probably a bug). These guys each have a value called maglvl, and they skip the whole low/high level thing, and just have alvl = X + maglvl all the time. This lets them get better mods earlier than you would expect.
maglvl = 1 for all the weapon types that have it, but for the circlets, maglvls are
Circlet 3
Coronet 8
Tiara 13
Diadem 18
You may also observe that Diadems are qlvl 85, and so X is always at least 85, and so alvl for Diadems is always maxed out at 99 (tries to be 103 but it is capped). Diadems can always spawn all mods.

So the elite wands are different since they have no magic level. This means that the two lowest types (Polished Wand and Ghost Wand) can´t get +2 necro skills at low or even at medium item levels.
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Why not go with Arm of King Leoric? Ofc the CtC bone prison is annoying unless you use enigma, but it doesn't trigger if you don't get hit, and with 15+ skeletons, that is pretty rare.
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I read through that later, seems complicated abit lol.

@helvete, I'm playing single player, been trying to find that wand with 450 MF on all NM bosses, and failing, so I thought I try something else.
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Ok I read through that, and have a general idea on what I should do. By the way, is it safe to assume higher alvl will have better chance of spawning +2 necromancer skill? If so, I'm going to hunt for unearthed magic wand.

And apparently i am frowned upon because im posting this question in different forum, so i just gonna delete all my other thread.

Edit: Ok so im a noob, how on earth do you delete your thread?
Re: Crafting wand question...

By the way, is it safe to assume higher alvl will have better chance of spawning +2 necromancer skill? If so, I'm going to hunt for unearthed magic wand.

Nope, it´s better if it´s just high enough (alvl 50), because you will have a bigger chance to score the Necromancer´s prefix when it does not need to compete with higher alvl affixes. I would use Grave Wands. You can easily shop magical ones in the later acts of NM and Hell.

1. Shop magical Grave Wands
2. Reroll each wand with 3x chippies once (to get the ilvl down)
3. Craft with level 1 character

One bad thing with crafts that result in low ilvl wands is that the chance for many random affixes (you´ll get 1-4) is not so high. With crafts that result in an ilvl of 71 or more, you are guaranteed 4 random affixes. But that´s only good if you want level 18-30 tier staffmods (level 24 tier will be the most common; on average, half of the staffmods will be from this tier).

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