Crafting Question


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Nov 6, 2009
Crafting Question

Can I get +2 to necromancer skill if i craft a caster elite wand with low ilvl using low level character? I want that add to summoning skill and +2 to necromancer skill if possible.
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Why does the elite wand have a low ilvl? And how low? How will you get a blue item with a lower than normal ilvl? Which elite wand (need to know qlvl)?

Do you really need to craft with a low level character? How low a level would it be?
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3 chipped gem recipe will bring ilvl down to 25. That as low as it can get. I have level 12 character that just obtain his first cube. Since the crafting product will have low ilvl, it should have those +skele mastery/skele warrior summon/amplify damage staffmod right?

And since it is elite wand, the qlvl should be high enough to spawn the +2 necromancer skill?
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I see that you got your answer in the stats forum.

Just fyi, it's usually frowned upon to post the same question in multiple forums, and it's usually better to ask a mod to move it to the more appropriate forum.
Re: Crafting Question

You're trying to up your chances for SM/RS on your crafted wand, is that it?

Regardless of if its an elite wand or not, +2 Necro has an alvl of 50, so your wand will need to be, after crafting, at least that high. Which means you can spawn any +skill affix on it, so your odds arent any better...

Your best bet is crafting for L50 and hoping for +2 Necro/+2 Summoning
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