Crafting Gloves


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Oct 12, 2009
Crafting Gloves

Hey All

I want to craft up some gloves for my Bowazon. Some people in the past have suggested that i do this to get the IAS and Knockback attributes. I did a bit of research and the only recipe i can find that will give me Knockback is on a normal item, Chain Gloves and it does not include any IAS.

I was wondering if anyone knew the recipe(one for an elite item would be awesome) or could point me in the right direction to look for it.

Cheers Heaps.
Re: Crafting Gloves

chaingloves normal
heavy bracers excep.
vambraces elite
hit power gloves ort+psappire+any jewel
cube them.
superdave has a good guide for crafting gloves in the amazon guides i think
Re: Crafting Gloves

Sure. You're thinking of Cleglaw's Pincers, which is a SET item, not a CRAFTED item.

Arreat Summit said:
Hit Power Gloves

Magic Chain Gloves/Heavy Bracers/Vambraces
Ort Rune
Perfect Sapphire
Any Jewel

Fixed Effects:
5% Chance To Cast Level 4 Frost Nova When Struck
Attacker Takes Damage of (3-7)

Basically, plug and chug the ingredients into the Horadric Cube, and you have a ~9% chance of getting 20% Increased Attack Speed.

Also, I would recommend against an elite item especially since it's for a Bowazon. Chain Gloves have a STR requirement of 25, which approx. doubles for Heavy Bracers, which approx. doubles again for Vambraces. All for ~50 defence (unless you spawn massive %EDef, which sucks because it could have been resistances)? Not worth it, IMO.

[edit] Got pwned. ^^
Re: Crafting Gloves

Awesome replies guys thanks so much.

So it looks like i just keep crafting gloves until i get IAS

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