Craftin ?


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Oct 13, 2003
Craftin ?

What is the minimum level I have to be to always get +2 skills from caster crafting amulets with 19-20% FCR?

About how many RALS can I get from 100 NM countess runs?
The formula is (clvl/2)+(ilvl/2) = new ilvl.
+2skills requires ilvl90, so the clvl depends on what ilvl amu you use..

I usually use a clvl93, then gamble the amus (gambled items are -5/+4 of your clvl), which means the lowest ilvl amu i can get is 88, and therefore theres a chance of +2skills every time i craft them
Level of jewel doesnt matter?

I have a clvl 93 assassin when I crafted 3 only 1 was +2 skills, what level do I have to be to always get +2 95?
+2 is random and 1 in 3 is damn good luck, more like 1:8 though the odds are even longer than that i am told. As far as rals from countess, i get one about every 7 runs. And the odds of getting +2 skills, and 19-20 fcr is ~1:3-400 at best, i've gotten it just once in about 600 crafts
1 in 8 is about right for +2 skills, and 1/56 for a particular class. I bow before Str1d3r's ability to be disappointed at only 1 in 3 ;)
Very few things in D2 that are that good are ever automatic.
About 1/88 crafts at that level will have 19-20 FCR, so altogether you expect about 1/700 to have both.
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