Crafted Druid Ammy


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Nov 7, 2006
Crafted Druid Ammy

I had my first crafting experience today with some caster amulets and got the following one, and I was wondering whether or not it is worth keeping, or how much I could expect to get for it on USEast Ladder:

Beast Clasp
+1 Druid Skills
10% Faster Cast Rate
+10 life
+14 mana
Regenerate Mana 4%
Cold Resist +51%
Lightning Resist +19%
Fire Resist +19%
Poison Resist +19%
You might get better results posting in the trading forum section.

I wasn't trying to sell it, I was asking if it is worth keeping. I am planning on making a wind druid and I dont know whether to use that or Maras, and if it is not worth anything I can just vendor it. Was just getting opinions on whether it is useful.
BunsenBurner said:
... or how much I could expect to get for it on USEast Ladder...
BunsenBurner said:
I wasn't trying to sell it...
Riiiiiiight. :rolleyes:

Anyway, something like that isn't worth keeping except for leveling purposes (i.e. it isn't really an end-game item). People are generally looking for something more like this.
maras over that, too bad not +2 druid or ele, that would make it better possibly if you needed the fcr.
It's pretty nuch worthless.
For ele druid you need +1-2 skills and 19-20 fcr on amulet to be really forth a fortune.
Seeing as you crafted it, what is the lvl requirement on it. If its low its pretty nice for mid-game gear.

I've crafted some meanies with lvl req's of over 95 - never really used any of them.
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