Cow Run's West NL


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Dec 4, 2006
Cow Run's West NL

I would like to know why ppl have stopped doing cow runs, used to be the thing to do back in the day, so hard to find one, now it's all baal runs... Are there any channels out there that are specifically for doing cow runs?
they dont give massess of experience, so you cant get from level 10 to 80+ in a couple of hours anymore
How are they different?

Normal cows give almost no experience until you're level 20, and the experience starts to diminish quite a bit about level 25. SO there's no point doing them before of after those two levels.

Normal Baalruns then each give more experience than an entire Cow run, can be done more quickly, don't take time to make and you don't have to risk someone killing the Cow King meaning you can't open the games anymore.

When you enter Nightmare after doing baalruns to Level 40 you don't get a great deal of exp from NM cows and it is quicker to go to the end of NM and do NM baalruns until level ~70 - again these are quicker and give more exp than cows with no risk of losing the making ability.

From there you do Hell baalruns (again for the same reason - although these are more dangerous than Cows they give better exp - particulary past Level 85.

So for leveling the only time you use cows is from Level 20-25. They are still good for looking for socketables/pgs/charms/runes and jewels. But you don;t do them in groups or other people nick the loot.

Or maybe PETA picketed the Blizzard offices...
Sounds like someone's been out of the loop for almost the last two years.

yup... can't remember the last time i played, but i know it was before the 1.10 patch came out, loved doing cows, one of the reasons i came back, felt like slaughtering some beef!!! I have to say Baal run's are pretty boring, I guess it might be because i just stand around for exp atm, not killing, always hated having to wait to get lvl'd and not be able to kill but also there's less to kill with baal runs and i like own swarms of monsters, makes it much more fun, maybe i'll warm up to them, I still wouldn't mind doing cows for less exp, used to do cows hours on end, I'm used to it!

I hate baal runs because everyone just sits in town half the time. The game is called "Itele" or something and the host just yells at other people to tele.

Chaos runs are better because it is much easier to get to the chaos sanct. Although you get less experience and you might die, they are more fun overall.
I can't imagine someone feeling nostalgic for "Who's getting the leg?" "Who can make?" "Gimmie the leg, I can make". Not that baal runs are much better: "Who can tele?" "Why didn't you tell me the tp was covered by gloams?" "meteor steals exp"
I hate baal runs because everyone just sits in town half the time. The game is called "Itele" or something and the host just yells at other people to tele.

Yes, some of those BNet lamewads really need a crash course in first/second person...

I love cow runs using a LF zon. Great place for socketed items, charms, runes, gems, and other stuff for crafting.

Baal runs are sooo boring. On the other hand, you can do them while you surf the 'net and do other things; you only have to be there to join the game, take a TP to the throne room, then leave and join again.
i remember on europe there was a channel called milka1/2/3/etc. or something where everyone went to join/make hell cow games :grin:

is there one of those for baal runs? it would be a lot easier to find games rather than just waiting for the list to refresh :scratch:
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