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Help Cow Level - How many cows is too many cows? Have I made a huge mistake?


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Feb 21, 2011
I have been farming cows with my Sorcerer and got my first item after 666 cow kills in Scosglen. Since then I've been killing them in Hawezar and I'm up to 1,126 (including my initial 666).

I know that after the initial 666 kills it's on an RNG basis so I could get my next drop at 676 or far higher. I considered using my Rogue to guarantee she got the required drop after her first 666 but I hoped the RNG would be favourable so stuck with my Sorc. But now I'm over 1,000 I'm regretting the decision to stick with my Sorc.

Has anyone else got up to high numbers with the same character but still had no luck with the second/third drop?

I'm seriously considering taking my Rogue and doing 666 tomorrow but the masochist in me is tempted to stick with the Sorc and play the RNG game.
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Do the cows drop items in HC too?
I eventually got all three bits but ended up using one character for each item. After I got to 1200 with my Rogue and only one item I didn't want to risk relying on RNG any longer waiting for the 2nd time so switched to another char.

The drops are easy enough to spot because the cows don't drop anything else so even though it's a white item it stands out because there's nothing else on the ground.

Seeing cows in my sleep by the end of it though. 😵‍💫
I've hit level 61.3 and i'm now cow counting for kills. All my prior cow kills were uncounted as they were by mistake. I avoided killing things i didn't need to such as camels, cows and other non-combative critters.
I hate killing the Ents but we are forced to ><.
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