Countdown to Trump's arrest.


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Mar 14, 2004
Today is Saturday the 18th. Trump said that he will be arrested on Tuesday. Will he barricade himself behind the doors of his country club and order the wait staff to fight off the police or does he get on a plane Monday morning and leaves the country for an extended vacation?
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Trump is calling on his supporters to protest and fight for him. Some are suggesting that DeSantis call in the national guard to fight the Manhattan DA if they come to arrest Trump at Mar A Lago. I doubt we will ever get to see a perp walk.
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Has anyone besides that thing said it was going to get arrested?
I heard a couple of old farts in a golf cart or something showed up.

Not much else.
No matter how reasonable all of you appear to be, it depends on the amounts of dumbasses who can be convinced to place their vote on some guy. Welcome to mob rule! Democracy is feeble!

But OK, as Churchill said, democracy is the worst, except everything else.
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Trump finally won a popular vote. Grand Jury votes to indict.
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They are saying it is a felony indictment. If convicted, he won't be able to vote!

Thank you Stormy for taking one for the Team.
Hope is found not guilty of the charges and will run for potus and win in 2024. The world will be a safer place with him instead of Biden.
The indictment is good for the grift. He has pulled in millions in donations from the rubes., I mean True Patriots.
The world is magically a safer place if rich and powerful people can ignore the law without repercussions? Sure, buddy...
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