Could I turn this char into a meteorb?


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Dec 10, 2006
Could I turn this char into a meteorb?

This is a char I made a while ago when I had no idea about the game, and I was wondering if any of the "wasted" skill points in warmth will actually make any difference. I have 7 in warmth, so will those 6 points wasted particualrly hurt me in the long run?

My stats are also pretty bad imo, I have

32 str
27 Dex
60 Vit
88 Energy

At level 22. I could reroll but I can't stand the first two acts if I'm honest, so if I could end up doing all right then I'll stick with this one. Cheers for any help. :smiley:
All non-single element sorcs are tight on skill points. 'Wasted' skill points means that your main offensive spells will lack damage output. You may be able to get away with one or two misspent skill points, but with six extra points in Warmth, I would re-build, especially given that you are only clvl 22. You may not see the difference now, but at higher clvls, you'll miss the extra damage that those six skill points could have given you.

As for stats for a Meteorb, str for gear, dex at base or for max block, nothing in energy and all the rest in vita.
I agree with FrostBurn. I would remake that char, since it's only level 22. And like FrostBurn said, you will miss those 6 wasted skill points at higher levels.
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