conviction and -%to Enemy Lightning Resistance


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Jan 29, 2006
conviction and -%to Enemy Lightning Resistance

Im thinking to make double dream pally with maxed holyshock synergies: (maxed resist lighning and maxed salvation).
1) The conviction is capped on -150%, so if I use item with -% enemy lightning resist, will the lighning resist go down like 150%(from conviction)+xx%(from items)?
2) Is there a cap of -% ligning resist
3) How does -% ligning resist from items works on immunities (conviction when breaking an immunity, will only function at 1/5 effectiveness)

1) Yes, -res from items stacks on top of ur conviction. So a lvl 25 conv + a faceted p griffon will yield you -175% to resistanaces and so on if u add more items.
2) There isnt a cap to -res from items/facets, but theoretically there is because you can only socket so many things. I think the absolute max -res is:
30 from 6os weapon
25 from p facet griff
20 from 4os armor
20 from 4os shield
150 from conv

comes out to -245 res. Cant think of anything else that will do more (that will also add lite damage, because I think there are weapons that do more than -30 res, but its only that. Facets reduce resistance and add % damage)

3)Once conviction breaks an immunity, then the -res from items works full power. But if the immunity is not broken by conv, the -res from items do not affect the enemies resistances.

Also, if your looking for a dream bone visage (21 fhr, perf 20 res) let me know, im trying to get rid of it.
1)yes but see below
2) see above post
3) conviction functions at 1/5 effectiveness, the other - lightning resists functions at full effectiveness but only *if* conviction breaks the immunity to begin with. Example: You have -150% conviction and are smartly wielding crescent moon (-35% lit rez), there's a 120% lightning baddy. He'll first get taken to 90% rez by conviction and then further reduced to 55% by crescent moon. However, a 135% lit rez baddy would remain completely immune to lightning because conviction can't break it.

I'm pretty sure this is how it works.
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