Convention of Heroes


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Oct 7, 2004
Convention of Heroes

A long time ago...

In a world of pain and misery the forces of evil controlled the lands and had the power over the world. They oppressed the good people and send their beasts throughout the countries. Only a few brave fighters were able to withstand the might of the evil. Fighters that have developed a serious strength over a long time to slay the minions of destruction and to guard the world the rest of their life!


HOWEVER, I am no good writer... :teeth:

Convention of Heroes

The idea came up in Kefir-Tribe's pat thread. He has build a character most suitable for sp p8 hell baal runs. He wants to get a char to lvl 99. I mentioned that I had the same thought in my head all the time, but that I didn't really dare. I had the idea that we could build a party... Well, not exactly something overwhelming new, D2Addict has done it in 1.09, too. But it isn't meant to be new. Regardless of how long it would take and howmuch times slower than in 1.09 it would be, the fire burns in all of us! :D You might say "LOL dis is no possibla in any way!1", but my idea is another: I am not heading for lvl 99 actually, just for the highest I can get! farting_bob has already told us that he would love to participate in this. For now a problem is that Kefir-Tribe is on dial-up... We will have to see if it works...

However, if you want to participate, post here! I would like to build up a party for endless mping to reach the really high levels and maybe become a legend in some time!

This thread is meant to be the platform for any discussion about this. We need to clarify some things first. Who will use which build? This will be pretty dependant on how much of you will participate, but I think the first rule should be that everyone has a character that is fun for HIM and that he wants to play for a long time. After that we can think about how we equip our characters and such for best party collaboration.

But before I am diving into the deep discussion, let me first know your thoughts! :thumbsup:
As a "legend" of my own, I'll provide a little input.

Speed of runs is the most important thing that you can do. Make sure that you have killers. You need someone who will make the game (the host) and teleport it hopefully faster than the rest of the team joins. That teleporter must make a SAFE town portal, because high levels even dying once is a waste of a weeks worth of time.

For teleporter, I would suggest a hybrid sorceress (Chain Lightning/Cold is good), or a Hammerdin (yes, our teleporter was a Hammerdin, we had 3 of them so we all took turns). Getting to level 99 is fairly item dependant. You want to make sure that your characters will not die, but at the same time will be able to kill. That is why Hammerdins were fairly important.

Our team included:
3 Hammerdins. One using Concentration, one using Meditation and the last using Conviction.
1 Wind Elemental Druid. (Oak sage is a MUST)
1-2 Javazons.
1-2 Sorceresses. One was pure lightning (which was good for staticing, thats about it) and the other was Frozen Orb/Fireball.
1 Barbarian. He left our group after he hit 99, so make sure your Barbarian doesn't do this! In all seriousness ALL a barbarian is good for is Shout + Battle Order + Battle Command. DO NOT expect him to kill anything, and if he is aiming for 99 himself DO NOT make him kill anything.

For maximum experience per run (trust me, without this you will go crazy at higher levels) you need to have an 8 player game, but have NO MORE than 7 people in the Throne. The less players you have in a larger game adds more expierence, but also adds danger - so be conservative.
Baal Experience is the MAIN thing when it comes to getting to 99. At level 98, with 2 people getting expierence in a 7-8 man game (which is max exp) you get around 50k per game. With 3 people getting baal in a 4 man game (which is second best exp) you get around 30k per game.

I would suggest getting another Hammerdin (or your only hammerdin if need be) to run Chaos. Clear the seals, and spawn Diablo. This character will recieve about the same amount of experience as those in the throne, however adds Diablo expierence to a lucky high level. Diablo and Baal experience at high level is almost the same, so at level 98, getting both Diablo and Baal (getting Minions doesn't really do much) gives you around 90-100k per game. For maximum Diablo expierence you have to have 7 or 8 man game, and only 2 people getting Diablo expierence. The person clearing the Chaos Sanctuary (well, he deserves it) and the lucky person he is clearing it for.

Ancients! This is the area that I want to make sure I draw your attention to. For the characters you want to get to 99, make sure you do not get them Normal or Nightmare ancients. That means you have to leech the Baal quest off of another character, and then can get Ancients when you really need it. When you hit 98 (or whenever you want in there) you should then proceed to doing ancients. I believe my friend who did this (I did not, I started the character long before meeting my running group) got around 10-20 MILLION experience for completing Nightmare Ancients as a level 98. I will make sure to ask him about the actual amount of experience to let you know this option.

Getting to 99 is fairly item dependant. Our group was RICH in the grand scheme of things. Not only did we trade for stuff (hey it was Battle.Net), we also found many good items. About 4 Tyreals and 10 Templars, an Ohm, a Vex, a Ber.. and a bunch of other high TC items.

If you do actually plan on undertaking such a grand experiment, good luck. You will need it.

If you ever do need me to answer any questions (or have a problem with anything I say, maybe I need to clarify, maybe I mistyped, maybe I was misinformed) just let me know. I shall enjoy watching your progress.

[EDIT] Stridje (sorry for mispelling it, thats just off the top of my head). It is not impossible. :teeth: You just need to be really patient, or do it on Battle.Net, where you can get the items you NEED to do it. :cheesy:
Bull(R) said:
[EDIT] Stridje (sorry for mispelling it, thats just off the top of my head). It is not impossible. :teeth: You just need to be really patient, or do it on Battle.Net, where you can get the items you NEED to do it. :cheesy:

:teeth: god how i love certain people

mp games where a bit faster on play time, but compared to the loading time and me needing to tele everywhere... 85% of wind_whisperer's xp was obtained in sp mode, seeing the steady map, and no loading time
strijdje said:
its impossible, trust me i know
Just to clarify: strijdje = liar. (I would know, I saw his druid. ;))

You will DEFINITELY need a few casters that can wipe the floor with his minions. A pretty good team will be 3 sorceresses, pure elements, at least one paladin with conviction (should've seen how fast p8 Baal went down with just one pure element sorceress [er, godly geared] and conviction, I counted about 5-10 seconds, and then a lightning javazon came in and... :cheesy: ), and preferably a barbarian for war cries.

The main thing you have to watch out for are when Bartuc, Lister, or that balrog guy (name escapes me) spawn FE, stay out of the explosion range at all times and let the mercenaries tank. Try to wear a bit of lightning absorb for everyone, even with 3000 health, a pack of conviction black souls are going to hurt.
im only on dial-up but i'd love to try this. i could play just about any build.
I've been wanting to make a Tank barb forever...really high level and almost unkillable. A better option might be a Brick Avenger - very little damage, but full H.S. with defiance synergy, full -res Conviction. Throw in some single tree sorcs and a lightning 'zon and it's killing time! We'd still want a barb and a druid along for the ride for the life/def bonuses....

Brick Avenger
War Cry Barb

that leaves four to five slots open to elemental killers. Man, that could be sweet. I think the conviction aura is just about a must. Might even be able to do the pally as a cleric of somekind?
I'm willing to get in on this, playing a FO/Fireball Sorceress, which is my favorite/best build to play. I'm very skilled at it most of the time, though do have my absent-minded moments. Plus, I think I would like to see someone get past 90 in 1.10. ^_^
sounds interrsting. count me in!

just one question: do we start from the beginning?
if not, i could play my fo/nova sorc (static ~20 with items) L90
my hammerdin L90
my conc-barb L86

not that useful: fishymancer L85, zealot L85, kicksin L86

the char i'd prefer to play is my barb, he's so cool :yep:.
I'd like to be involved, but I don't have a whole lot of time and not at a very regular hour - inconsistent work schedule. I'd still play if possible, and I'd like to be part of the planning stages at least. I think I'd try my hand at a support pally if I was playing.
Thanks for the mention. :) There are actually quite a few of us with level 99 characters. My Berserker Gimli hit 98 last night. He will be my third in 1 more level. :cool: Cow runs are definitely quicker especially with the higher player settings.

Just so you know what you are getting into this is a rough representation of what you face. Then you get the experience penalty on top at the higher levels too.

Level 85: 1 Billion Experience
Level 91: 2 Billion Experience
Level 97: 3 Billion Experience
Level 99: 3.52 Billion Experience

Dial-up is not a problem really. You just need a hoster with a decent connection like DSL or cable modem. We have a few drops from dial-up people but not too much. Certain skills cause it more.
I'd like to participate in this madness, if I may ^^

Couple of questions:
New chars?
I'd like to make a support char, Ragnarod's Cleric with Might merc seemed attractive to me, let me think if it will be of any use.

Dont worry about dial up connection, i have 1 too, and i can still MP with my fishy with a total of 28 minions, so its ok unless your melee, where the lag would hurt.
The best character i can use would be a blizz sorc. she pwns all non CI's and has teleport for quick WSK runs if needed, but before i do, id need to beef up her dfence as she dies every now and then, so thats a problem.
If we're going from a new characters, then we'll need to get the group together and work out whats the best combo using peoples preferred playign styles.
EDIT: nepata, a cleric would be very much apreciated by a party, although it may prove difficult if you have to do SP for a bit (theres no way we could MP all the time, it would take years to finsih. so we should also be able to kill SP at a reasonable rate)
Hmm, I could envision a hammerdin with some defencive aura, or two, 2x15 points + skill (or will we be playing untwinked?). I'd need some practice with hammers though :p (me noob 4 palladin).
Oh guys, you are cool! :)

However, I have a few things to mention. My idea was a little different. I didn't formulate it accurate enough... It would be nice to to serious leveling with the last character level in front of our eyes, but imho the FUN should be the first rule! No matter if we will ever reach it, I think something like Bull(R) (Do you have a 99er? Congrats! :thumbsup: ) pointed out, wouldn't be fun. I mean, just those standard builds and... with the cs clearing... Ok that should be ok, but I think that we should first see how many people want to participate and then at which character each participant WANTS to play. Sure we will need some killers, but only hammerdins, pure sorcs, javazons would be too bnetish! :teeth: I would like this to be more a funny thing, meaning everybody plays the character he wants to play and such. This would perhaps come close to normal baalruns in the weekly mp games thread. Dunno... I hope it won't be totally unmanageable, if someone wants to play a non-mainstream (but not automatically weak) build or something.

I had to spit this out now! Thanks for your input until now! :howdy:
I'm up for it.....would like to play a build I haven't played before.

A couple questions:
Twinked or Untwinked?
Only play with the characters involved or are we allowed to play other times as well?
Yeah, that are true questions!


I would definitely say twinked, because if we went untwinked it would be a hell of a lot more difficult, I think! ^^ I would prefer if we all started new characters. If we build up a solid group we could mp our way up together and get used to each other better. :) About days/times... I don't know, what do you think? I mean it could be difficult, because most of us live in different time zones. And (most of?) you have to work... I am still a pupil, but I am at school 'til 4 o' clock in the afternoon and hence I can't afford to play in the night. Weekend would be the best time, where I can also play at night! :) And probably not all of us will be there all the time, so I don't know if we should play that char only for runs or in sp too. I would like to still be able to mp with my char, but then someone might hit that end level earlier (if ever ^^) and leave the group... dunno... :-/
well I wouldnt be leaving...some weekend nights I can play and some others I can't....If I am going to twink...might have a little collection isn't the just might have to withdraw from this then. Don't feel bad....I still have to collect some more....just restarted a month ago...So my unique and set collectoin sucks
Use your imagination, trade a little :) Playing twinked doesn't mean you can't play along without ueber gear, no ^^
heh...been trading for my barb lately.... lvl 70 and climbing....guess I should check the class i wanna play and then take a look at my uniques
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