Connection temporarily restricted...


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Dec 13, 2006
Connection temporarily restricted...

What am I doing that gives me this message when I'm on, resulting in me getting kicked off for a little bit? It is very frustrating and I'd like to know if anyone else has ran into this problem.

Another question...what does it mean if my Sorceress says, "I can't do that yet," when I try to make the cow level in normal (I'm trying to hunt for items for a level 9 PvP Assassin I will be creating and I feel Normal Cows would be the most efficient place to do this). My Sorceress is level 72.
Connection temporarily restricted means has temporarily banned you. Try again in like half an hour and you should be able to play as normal. They do that if you exit and join games too fast. It's supposed to be an anti-bot measure. In the future, refrain from joining too many games in rapid succession.

As far as cows go, if you've beaten Baal on that difficulty, and transmuting Tome of Town Portal + Wirt's Leg in Rogue's Encampment, and NOT getting the red portal, it probably means you have killed the cow king, and thus can never make the portal again on that character on that difficulty.

Keep in mind, even if YOU didn't kill the Cow King, if someone in a game with you who could get "credit" for the Cow King killed him, it registers to you as well, thus screwing you over through no fault of your own.
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