concentrate synergy or shout


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Dec 23, 2004
concentrate synergy or shout

should i max out bash for 100 percent more damage? or do you guys think maxing shout will optimize my defense. Right now i'm going to try a pdr concentrate barb, don't have all my pdr gear yet but at 32 and should be at 61 shortly and hopefully maxed resists. My damage out isn't real good at about 1.8 k damage with a destruction phase blade, hoping to get a botd or edeath shortly to increase my killing power.
I have seen the ww pdr barb guide on here and hope maybe to put forth a concentrate pdr barb into the mix with the huge defense bonuses.
What is the ideal sword for such a build? maybe i should look for something with defensive and survival benefits like last wish although that is an expensive option.
Re: concentrate synergy or shout

There are two nice things about Concentrate:
1. It can't be interrupted by anything.
2. It increases your defense.

If you're abusing PDR, defense isn't a priority. So max out the damage synergy and bash stuff in the face a bit harder. 100% isn't the biggest deal, especially after strength, might, weapon mastery, etc., but there's not a whole lot else to invest into..

Good swords...
Weapon choice can depend quite a bit on the rest of your items, so get those posted along with any important charms(torch, annih, etc).
Re: concentrate synergy or shout

yes thats what i was thinking was to go the power route than defensive, but because i wasn't even close to getting this guy built i liked having a second opinion.
I hope to have him done in a few weeks, unless the new patch and ladder come out(ya never know) then i'll start from scratch.
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