cold sorc question


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Aug 2, 2004
cold sorc question

wat better to make with this gear a orb/ts or orb/es
50 resist viper
liless or a 3 pdiamond head hunters
2 sojs
silk weaves
occy maybe hoto
tals ammy
frost burns or trangs
string for dr or tgods
It seems to be a decent setup for both, with frosties, sojs and silweaves, your mana pool will be large enough for an ES build, but TS will work as well. Personally I would go ES, with all leftover points going into TS and LM, it will still have decent dmg due to your plus 11 skills.
and wat sould the stats be and should it be block or would i have not enough mana with block
If you want block use whistans guard, it takes the least dex to get max block with... I don't feel that the block is needed, and that more mana is a better choice. But it is really up to you, if you want the block go for it, just don't spend alot of points into dex.
and i forgot like u said i only got 11 skill points would that be a effective es cause it doesnt hit the cap
Well, if you prebuf with a +9 es memory staff than thats 20 points already... add 1 light gcs and an anni... there a lvl 31 ES, and after that it only goes up by about 1's anyways... so you should be ok as long as you max telekenisis!!!!! Or else it is pointless.
no i mean il get 20 points in it but will a lvl 31 es be good and il max teleikinessis
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