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COH Vs Forti for FrostMaiden


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Nov 17, 2003
COH Vs Forti for FrostMaiden

Ok, I have a Forti currently on my Frosty but I'm thinking that COH is a better option. As I was told, I'm now learning that FA is far more damage producer than Straf. I use Straf for ML purposes. I also knoticed that the ED% on Forti did nothing to increase my FA damage, only the Straf. This leads me to think that COH is a far better option. The +2Skills and HUGE Res make it better IMO. Am I missiong something here?

More info:

Will be using GMB Faith on my Zon.
Merc will wear Forti or Stone with Infinity.
I use CoH on my Frostmaiden. Massive resists and +2 skills is awesome.
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