classic strafezon gear


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Jun 7, 2008
classic strafezon gear

Hey all
After 2 ladders of playing, I've almost reached my dream of building a faith bow from scratch =D (runes are done, trying to find a bow now). Can anyone give their thoughts on my equipment, though? I've followed guides and pieced together what I thought might be the optimal config. I'm a standard strafezon for now. No poison damage as of yet...

Helm - Stealskull w/ptopaz
Armor - Lionheart rw in Dusk Shroud
Gloves - Laying of Hands
Belt - String of Ears
Rings - dual ravenfrosts
boots - gore riders
amulet - cat's eye
bow - harmoy runeword (in blade bow) with wws (eth nef) on switch

What I wasn't sure about was the amulet - cat's eye is nice, but I'm not sure I need more IAS to reach breakpts. I was thinking that I might replace it with Atma's scarab for the Amp damage. I'm also thinking I need to get a new helm and armor - thoughts?

Any other comments would be appreciated - thanks!
Re: classic strafezon gear

-lionheart is great, have you considered treachery though? i think it's great.
-razortail is the only belt for you!
-as you have it the only item that seems to be dedicated to mf is your hat, you may just want to try vamp gaze or another of the (better) dual leech options. steelskull is great, dont get me wrong, but i think it's less than ideal unles you intend to pour on the mf elsewhere as well.
-without cat's eye, your ias would drop to 30. with harmony adding nothing, you need that ias somewhere. treachery....

i can really tell you pieced your info together from several places, i suggest trying to find one good source.
Re: classic strafezon gear

thanks =)

- no, I haven't tried treachery. I've heard it recommended often, but the damage + resists of Lionheart seemed nicer. I'll give it a shot.
- I actually don't like Razortail too much - it seems like, apart from the pierce, there is nothing really good about the belt. I do have one in stock though...I'll try it out.
- Would tal's helm be good as well? I'll try to see if I can get a vamp gaze. def dropping the stealskull soon.

thanks for the thoughts!
Re: classic strafezon gear

Apart from pierce, Razortail gives you 10max damage, same as a 10max damage grand charm and 15dex, thats 15ed. That and the pierce, makes you the best belt for you.
Re: classic strafezon gear

dont think of it as giving you "only" pierce, think of it as saving you many, many skills. string gives you zilch as you are. life leech? got it on your hat. damage reduced? dont need it on a ranger. blah.
Re: classic strafezon gear

point taken; will be trying out razortail and treachery. thanks for the advice!
Re: classic strafezon gear

reaching a higher IAS bp is usually better than stacking on ED, all things considered.

Remember that off-weapon ED adds together with your dex bonus, so small ED% bonuses like the 20% on Lionheart really dont do much good compared to the 300-400% ED you get from dex on a high-level zon.
Re: classic strafezon gear

I have a bowazon that I planned on running chaos with, therefore was thinking of going the WF + A1 (faith) build as a strafezon.

However, as I was going to go buy my items, I've noticed many people looking for Ice bows or GM faith bows. Someone even suggested dream helm over andy's.

Am I missing something here? I had planned on going:

helm: andy's
weapon: WF
armor: AP Fortitude
amulet: atma's
boots: Gore's
belt: razor's

is this still the recommended build for a chaos runner? pure strafer with 1 point into FA and 1 point into Multi as of now.
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