Classic Necromancer Planning


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Jun 21, 2003
I'd like to try a BG/IM Necromancer playthrough on Classic, but given how frequently and dramatically the class changed between patches, I'm having a hard time settling on what skills to use and what version to play. From the best of my knowledge, 1.00 is super buggy against the Necro (bad Mastery, buggy IM) except for CE being completely overpowered. 1.03 had scaling Revive HP (yay!) but the star bug (boo!), and apparently had working IM? 1.05 had the boosted radius for CE, but non-scaling Revives/CE, so it's not really that exciting.

From what I've read in old guides, 1.03 was the patch for Necromancers, but there was so much guesswork and hearsay back then that it's hard to really tell. I'm also unsure how a Necro is ever supposed to beat Diablo, other than firing Bone Spirits for an hour (does LR impact magic resist?) or using IM and hoping he charge->melees a non-Blood Golem.
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