Classic in v1.10


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Sep 5, 2003
Classic in v1.10

So I may just revive my love for barbarians and play classic v1.10

So, a few questions:

1) Is WW not affected by weapon speed?
2) Do blocking require dex (there was a time when it didn't)
3) What kind of gear am I looking for besides Angelic combo, a big pointy stick and sigon's stuff?

Any tips woud be welcome!

IIRC weapon speed is used for WW and dex is needed for blocking
as for equipment..i dont know :lol:
blocking % = shields blocking % in classic

im pretty sure ww is affected by weapon speed, but not positive on that one

for a melee char you prolly want sigs belt helm gloves boots, angelic ammy rings, goldskin and a really big hurty stick of doom, i never played melee chars so i dont know for sure though...

edit : oh, if you havent already started playing and would like some company ive been thinking about starting playing classic again but dont wanna do so alone :scared:
WW is not affected by weapon speed and dex doesnt help blocking.

The most dex I ever had on classic was 51, to use spectral shard.

For a caster, you're looking for shard, gold skins, SOJ, magefists/frosties, possibly a tarn and a wall of the eyeless or sigs shield if your resists can handle it. Otherwise get a 3D tower shield. The other spots should be taken up by rares with resists. And you can try to get a +2 skill amulet but AFAIK they can only be gambled by lvl 87 and up.

For a melee you'll want a nice imbue on a bhammer/naga/ancient sword. The eye of elitch is very nice. The partial set bonuses from death's gloves/belt and sigs helm and something else are also useful. Try to get a rattle cage and goblin toes for the added CB which you'll need because weapon dmg is so low.
NSXdreamer said:
Why not just install 1.00 and play the true classic. :D

cause synergies are cool? :p and theres no /players thing then either
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