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Classic Balancing


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Nov 17, 2007
Classic Balancing

Add Elite base items.
Update Whirlwind to its LoD version.

Elite items should be added to classic to help balance the huge damage difference between spells and weapon based skills.

Bowazons would be useable again.
Zeal and Smite would be playable.
Frenzy, Concentrate, and Berserk barbs would be useful and a change from nothing but WW builds.

Sorcs and Hdins would still be the damage kings, but this would open the door for a lot of other builds that aren't viable in Hell today.

Any opinions on this?
Re: Classic Balancing

Not a bad idea, but I doubt it will ever happen. You'd need to keep whirlwind unchanged, though.. any non-ias weapon would suck beyond hope.
Re: Classic Balancing

WW would need to be fixed otherwise it would be over powered compared to all other weapon based attacks such as zeal, berserk.
Re: Classic Balancing

interesting idea for sure.

WW already needs fixing, so yeah, it would have to be adjusted.

I'd add the Elite Item as a ladder only thing too.

Warning: Random thoughts put into text below.

Though, thinking about it a little...it kind of leans towards the overpoweredness of Runewords in LoD, BUT, I like the idea. Though, having a 175%ed Thundermaul (90-495 damage) just seems too high. However, getting the required STR to even wear the thing takes a while, or even to wear a Hydra Bow (167 DEX, 134 STR) would be quite tough. So it kind of balances itself out there doesn't it? This means one might have to chose certain items to get more STR or chose less VIT/DEX, etc...

Might be kinda cool. I'd like to see what some other classic fans have to say about this.

btw...welcome to the forums msoko :)
Re: Classic Balancing

A Thunder Mauls damage is great. Its speed, not so great.
Assuming WW is fixed, the highest breakpoint we would be able to reach with one in Classic is 8fpa. Good Charger weap though.

Elite items would make more builds workable. The increase in damage isn't huge, and casters would still be doing far more.

If Blizz doesn't want to add Elites, they should at least up the pre/suff to LoD levels.

Thanks for the welcome FireMarshal ; )
Re: Classic Balancing

Classic is not about balance. It never was balanced. Nor was LoD. Classic is about nostalgia and rare items. Don't fiddle with that.

Don't add elite items.
Don't update whirlwind to it's LoD version - finding a decent rare weapon is hard as it is

Just revert classic to 1.06 or 1.09 gameplay
Re: Classic Balancing

Classic isn't "Classic" anymore anyways.
Why not fix or balance it?

Even though I had a blast with 1.09 I would still rather have an updated and less buggy 1.13.
Re: Classic Balancing

The builds you mention are do-able, they are just more challenging(difficult).
To experience what you mention, you could make a char in LoD and not pick up runes and such. :)

Don't get me wrong, I like novel ideas and this kind of thinking 'out of the box'. It's makes for interesting discussions and obviously you've put a good amount of thought into it.
Re: Classic Balancing

My thoughts are, being a sorceress-player mainly, is that things shouldn't be changed... because even though sorceresses do a lot of damage, it is to enemies that aren't immune, where as physical damage isn't more powerful, it isn't resisted as much and can be overcome usually... not so with us sorceresses who basically need to choose one element to be effective... :p
That's my two cents regarding the increased physical damage part
Re: Classic Balancing

Lod style ww would be pretty annoying as there are no ias runes or jewels to fill the socket for higher speed = finding a 40 ias thunder maul with kicksy dmg might be as rare as finding a Zod :)
Maybe just boost dmg for bowa skills or as suggested revert to 1.06b or 1.09. With little modifications like removing pub duping that would run rampart if merely reseted ^^
Re: Classic Balancing

Let's not forget fixing the MSLE 1.09D bug when they do the revert to 1.09D for classic.
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