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Char gone due power failure


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Jul 5, 2017
Hey, i was just doin a travincal run with my barb and the electricty guy was here doin something and the fuse fell off, so electricity was off.
When i restarted my computer my barb wasnt in the the char selection screen anymore. also when i open him on go mule it just say "disconnected" and theres nothing.

is there a way to get him back? ):
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Weird! Are the character files still on the hard drive? You could try copying them from the games character folder to some other location and then back again, I have a vague memory of somethinglike that helping once when characters didn't show for me.
If you are using patch 1.14 you could upload the files and I can check if they work in my installatin, to rule out any save file corruption at least.
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Are you using Gomule? If yes then there should be backups somewhere. For me they are in the save folder but it might be different for you.

The backups have the file extension .org and start with the name of the character.
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