chaos/fury question


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Nov 25, 2006
chaos/fury question

what claws should I make chaos and fury in? scissors suwayyah? runic talons? disregarding +skills for now, I mean...
It depends on what type of character you are building - a ww/ls hybrid or pure ww. When ww/ls hybrid the best option is runic talons due to the fact that only with them you can achieve max trap laying speed . If you are building a pure ww character then id use suwayyahs because their dex/str reqs are lower , they are alittle slower but you achive 4 frame ww and their overall physical dmg is higher. So as you can see all depends on the type of the character.
chaos -> suwayyah or quhab
20ias fools -> gt

this way you can exploit the ias bug for max trap speed.
i prefer fools over fury as the primary wepon.
chaos -> suwayyah or quhab
20ias fools -> gt

this way you can exploit the ias bug for max trap speed.
i prefer fools over fury as the primary wepon.

Isn't it exactly the other way round?
you have to use a fast Chaos offhand (Gt/runics) and equip it first, then equip a slow wsm claw as primary.
Now, if you switch your weapon slow to bo or so, you have to double click your primary weapon to re-enable the bug again.

I always thought it worked like that.

Of course it also works like you statted, but you would have to equip the fools as secondary weapon and the chaos as primary, which is not as good I think.

I quote from xeopo's wwsin faq:

12) Claw Positioning Bug

Yes, you read it right, there is a claw bug. An IAS related bug. Lets start with the basics;

Normally, the base speed of the two claws you use is averaged;
A suwayyah with base speed [0], combined with a Runic Talon [-30] results in a base speed of (0) + (-30) / 2 = -15.
Based on this number the correct amount of IAS can be calculated for the desired frame of attacks like trap-laying. We wont go further into how these numbers are calculated because this is a mouth-feed thread after all.

In order for this bug to show up, you need to place the claw with the highest base speed right, above your boots. After that place the other one above your gloves.

WARNING; this order is absolutely necessary, so ill repeat; Equip your fastest claw first above the boots, then equip the second above your gloves.

What this bug does is using a different calculation for the average claw speed;
(([base speed right claw] + [base speed left claw]) / 2) + ([base speed right claw]- [base speed left claw])

So instead of an average speed of -15 like in the previous calculation, we get an average speed of;

(((-30) + (0)) / 2) + ((-30)-(0)) = -15 + -30 = -45

This bug allows you to get max trap laying speed with far less IAS. But beware; when you switch weapons to BO or w/e the bug disappears and calculates everything like it should. You have to re-equip your claws.

You can exploit this as much as you like. Personally I think its too much of a hassle and it sucks *** when you loose your speed after accidentally switching or re-BO.
Kick and trap speeds.

Doesn't affect WW... as far as I know, but I'd like to test.
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