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CaseyJones and the Prime Evils


Mar 16, 2020
Since I posted in the re-intro thread about me, here I will just discuss characters and projects.

Chars and Projects:
HC Blizzsorc for 2019 RFL - RIP by Cursed Goatmen pack in A5 Nightmare :(

SC UT99er Javazon - Participated RFL 2019 Round 3 - currently lvl 89

SC UT99er Nova/CB Sorc (was ES/Nova for MFO 2019 Summer and RFL 2020 Rnd 1) - currently lvl 94

HC Trapsin - "I'm overburdened" - Lvl 17 in Normal - feeling neglected ;)

Ability Scrolls Tourney - On hold right now
- Mercury (SC Hammerdin)
- Venus (SC Magezon)
- Mars (SC Zerker)
- Jupiter (SC Ele Druid)
- Saturn (SC Firesorc - sidelined due to death)
- Uranus (SC phoenix striker assassin)
- Neptune (SC summoner)

SC Novamancer (OBP entrant - 49% dweb wielder) - currently lvl 91 (almost 92)

SC UT99 Bonemancer - currently lvl 86 (OBP entrant, second set)

Working on S/U grail (-85)

Working on R/W grail (barely scratched)

Have a "9,10,11" sept in the works (each character will equip 1 R/W from each patch set and can use no more than 1 R/W from a patch set. (No enigma for this crew) goes hand in hand with the R/W grail.
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Mar 16, 2020
So, it is time I buckle down and focus on 99 for my Nova sorc.

I have used her in a couple of tourneys as an ES/Nova sorc which I find to be a lot of fun. However, mana burn and me don't quite get along and she dies often.

So I have been theory crafting and trying to decide how to complete the push from 94 on without all of the deaths. I tried switching to vita Light sorc as is common for 99er sorcs but the gameplay is quite different and I would really like to keep more of a nova variant.

That means buffing up my defense and dropping ES since every other boss pack and their brother is mana burn and near certain death. I've managed a couple of storm shields over the last year on this sorc and decided to put one to use.

I may regret my choices here but I also decided to settle on guardian angel armor for the extra chance to block/block rate...and the increased resists are nice too. I am basically building a nova tank :)

I burned my last 2 socket quests on these 2 uniques, and I upped the guardian angel to hellforge plate. With a freedom jewel (still looking for that nice +15 all res, -15 req jewel) it only requires 11 more str than the stormshield, which comes with +30 str anyway.

With eld in the stormshield I only require about 170 dex for max block though I am already thinking I may want to target 66% block and drop an UM in instead to free up inventory of res charms (time to farm some more essences).

With shaeled shako, sandstorm treks, and 4 x 5 recovery scs I hit the 60 fhr breakpoint and bring the total dmg reduction to 45

Wielding a hoto for the extra resists right now.

Also, with frozen armor and a defiance merc Im pushing over 10k defense.

Now the downsides, still no Griffons though I did manage an arach mesh from Meph yesterday. And no light skillers yet either so I am lacking any -elr besides the meec infinity, no extra +light dmg, only hit 63 fcr bp right now. So I'm hitting like a wet noodle right now with 1k dmg nova's. Charged bolt has been great for boss killing though...much faster than nova alone :)

So my plan has been to level off of p3 baal runs all the way to 99 which will be slower than many 99er paths but nova isn't a heavy hitter anyway and I hate switching player settings in mid games. Also baal xp (not including the minions) also caps at p3 so fits this run nicely.

I am currently hitting NM cows on p7 trying to get a couple light skillers though I am thinking LK will likely be faster and am planning a switch soon.

After a couple light skillers, I will switch to pindle + baal runs at p3 hoping for that griffons (which I won't be able to socket until I hit 99) and a nice +3/20 eschutas, and a Mara's for the boost to BO and to offset the resists I lose from dropping hoto.

Anyway, the journey continues and will be my focus outside of timed tourneys like rfl/mfo, etc.
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Mar 13, 2020
Will follow your progress, one of my ut99eresses twins will be some sort of lightning sorc.

I like the idea of the GAngel armor, I love this armor but it is not that easy to put it in use...Looking for your feedbacks on that point!