cant you trust anybody anymore?


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Sep 27, 2004
cant you trust anybody anymore?

i had this good friend of mine, that i met online about a half year ago. I never met him in real life or anything (thank god), but as these "online" friends go, i trusted him in muling even my best items. I thought that he wouldn't be a scammer like everyone else... WRONG...
Actually as his items go, he was pretty pathetic. He had totally crap items, and he knew really nothing bout the whole game.
One day, he wants to try my botd eth ba and beast ba on his barb and im like "ok w/e"
i drop the stuff and he picks em up and hes like "cool" and gives it back.
next day, he wants to try again to have a duel against me. i just drop the botd and beast thinking he'd give em back like yesterday... WRONG again. he whirled me once, and after not leaving a scratch on me he left and put me on "ignore" and i couldnt whisper back to him.
i didnt tell this to you guys to whine for items, but to see what you think...
are people just so greedy? i wouldnt give up a friend for just few lousy items...
happily i got a anni 12/12/10 and perf light eschuta from my friend right before i got scammed so im not totally poor.
i think i'll never lend any items to anyone anymore...
i hope this panz mother****er will rot in hell :rant: :rant: :rant: oh well, its only a game so whatever
I usually don't trust anybody on, I won't ever mule with someone I've never seen before (besides the people on these forums whom I've talked to for a while now).

It's not the end of the world, as you said it, it's only a game.
Sorry to hear about your loss.

You can trust some people on the Not with your items though ;)
I never loan, drop trade or transfer (with others help) anything I am worried about losing. Of course, so far, I have not gotten much that was all that good.

You would think that half a year of sharing game time would make for a realiable game friend. Guess he had another 'friend' who talked him into taking your gear. Most likely saying something like " he deserves getting 'scammed'"

It is just so much binary but, still there is time invested. Maybe you will have fun finding the stuff to replace the gear you lost?

Good hunting.
my policy is i dont trust people unless A) i know them myself or B) they are a reputable member of these forums. It works
the exact same thing happened to me with my ebotd cb... you just sorta sit there in shock for a few minutes quietly muttering profanities... then you ask them if they're kidding, they say of course they are, go into the game and they call you a clown...

but hey, i do actually have friends i met on bnet that are very trustworthy :) allbeit only 2 of them, but i let them borrow anything i dont need at the time, altho one of them loaned an enigma to some friend of his, still waiting to get that back hmm....
I only drop stuff with forum member (been good so far :innocent: ) , and my real life friends, so I can really pound them if they try to jack my stuff...... :D

Andy2702 said:
I only drop stuff with forum member (been good so far :innocent: ) , and my real life friends, so I can really pound them if they try to jack my stuff...... :D


well i guess its good to know i have a 3rd person on my list i can trust huh :)
Sorry to hear about your loss.

The best advise a Mod named Suryl who is greaty missed. Was NEVR TRUST ANYONE!
Its always stuck with me.
I only trust well mannered people from legit forums...
Well, would trust RL friends too, but I don't have any who play D2. :p
My personal policy has always been never lend anything to friends. Not because of 'people' trust but because of 'hardware/softrware' trust...sometimes B-net and computers can go down, and that can cause items to be lost. If I had loaned out items and they were lost, my friends would be as upset as me. So, why tempt fate...I don't even go there.
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