Can't F***in' believe it . . .


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Aug 28, 2009
Can't F***in' believe it . . .

I dropped the staff to tomb to make some room to move stuff around and the game won' let me pick it up again. WTF.

I've looked in the Maggot lair but no staff, and no amulet.

Any ideas This is nuts.

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Re: Can't F***in' believe it . . .

New game if you didn't do that when you looked for the staff again. Or... join a game with somebody else who is about to do the quest too.
Re: Can't F***in' believe it . . .

That always happens if you drop it in a lower difficulty where you already solved the quest.

And yes, Gorny won't like the title of this thread.
Re: Can't F***in' believe it . . .

There is no reason to put the F word in the thread title. Don't do it again.
Re: Can't F***in' believe it . . .

Just say "fudgin'" like I do. Mmm, fudge... :drool: /Homer voice.

Imo they should get rid of the staff quest and let people rush past Act II like they do the rest of the game. Either that or get rid of rushing; better a carrot or a stick than being beaten with a stick while eating carrots. :scratchchin:

Edit: What? No drooling smiley? Oh, the endless injustices of life. :grouphug:
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