Can you still "POP"


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Jul 3, 2003
Can you still "POP"

Was in a cow game for a moment. Some cow wacked my sorc over the head and killed her gone back in with the cows picked up "halve" the corpse got killed again. Left the game as the cow game was pointless anyway.

Created a new game and picked up the corpse, but alas all what was left was the armor(COH, Lucky me) and the belt in the inventory which was to heavy to just carry. Gone is Eschutas, +1 fire skill gloves(forgot the name of those), +3 fire skill ammy, +3 Fire skill circlet and 2 rings crafted rings
nothing godly(phew).
I know if you are dead, come back and pick up an item (say new weapon or armour), then your original gear has to all fit in your inventory to get all your body back. If it can't fit, your body will still be on the ground with those items in it.
You can't pop anymore (where all your items suddenly shower the gleeful onlookers), but you can lose items, as you've already discovered. In the game you can have multiple bodies (was it up to eight? or ten? enough anyway), but once you quit the game only one body is saved - the one where the items if sold would get you the most gold. Sorry for your loss.
The loss why I quit softcore so long ago.

Lost nearly all of my useful gear due to the same 'improvement in 1.10'. I had just tried the new runewords, namely Beast and Enigma to my Barbarian. Tried Ancients and died (the early FE bug). Picked from stash some less nice gear and - died again.

Left the game pissed off and two corpses, one with Beast and Engima and the other with some crappy stuff. Went to an MF run as to try the new items even more.

Good bye SC, Welcome HC.
Maybe empty your inventory before picking up your corpse in a new private game ?

Funny thing is the char itself was empty after i picked up the the corpse. Like in no stuff in the sockets.

Will all your stuff reappear in your inventory, rings, ammy etc.

Elu's Might said:
Good bye SC, Welcome HC.

Tried it until some scrippy and potion bug kiddies come along and blew that one away for me.
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