Can someone PLEASE tell me why my fire absorb does absolutely nothing ?????


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Oct 14, 2004
Can someone PLEASE tell me why my fire absorb does absolutely nothing ?????

Sup all , little p.o'd here .... I'm in the middle of my max gold find project , got a problem I can't make heads or tails of .

I have 75% fire resist in Hell difficulty .
I have 94 fire absorb . 94 !!!!!!!
The Hell council's Hydra's don't hurt me , but I'm not getting healed by them either . I thought with high resist and absorb you get healed by fire attacks . I don't see how you get much higher than 94 absorb so WHAT'S UP before I lose my mind someone please give me the scoop . Thanks ....

Peace all
simply put: Your resists are not high enough.

Let's look at an example.

Say something does 1000 damage to you. with 75% resist, it means you're taking 250 damage. I'm assumeing that the 94 you have is actually 94 hard points and not 94% since 40% is the max. So let's say 94. it means that you'd still take 156 damage. (from a 1000 damage attack.)

What really makes the difference is when you wear stuff to up your maximum resistance (guardian angel, hotspur boots etc.)

So lets look at that same damage (1000) with 95% resistance and 94 hard points of fire absorb. With 95% resistance you'd only take 50 damage, add in your absorb of 94 points and you'd be healing.

Seriously, 95% resistance and no absorb is better than 94 absorb and 75% resistance. Just try it, throw on a guardian angel and hotspurs or inferno stride boots with a rising sun amulet & hellmouth gauntlets .. you won't take fire damage from all but the most powerful fire attacks.
ok , thanks that's the road I was going to take ... got the Ammy and Infernostrides , if I'm still not getting healed I'll slap on the G.Angel .

The absorb I have now is 30 from a pair of the rings there and another 65 from the Rising Sun .... we'll see how it goes . As it stands it's the only thing keeping me from finishing this project

thanks and I'll keep ya posted
awjl said:
please put on dwarfs star. % resist comes before numeric resist.

For the most part, Straight numerical absorb is better than % absorb. Comparing 15% fire absorb on a dwarf star to 15 fire absorb on hellmouth gauntlets for instance. when you have 95% resistance, you need to be on the recieving end of a fire attack which does greater than 2000 damage to make dwarf star better than hellmouth.

So, let's take 30% fire absorb (2 dwarf stars) compared to the straight 63 fire absorb of rising sun @ level 85.

With a pure fire attack that does 4000 fire damage (200 after 95% resistance) 2 dwarf stars would mean that 60 points would be absorbed. a rising sun would mean that 63 points would be absorbed.

So as you can see, with stacked (95%) resistance you better off with straight numerical absorb except when being hit with enourmous damage, I don't even know if 4000 fire damage is something that you'd even encounter, at the very least it would be very rare.

% absorb is better with lower resistance (75%) for example, but if you're stacked to 95% the general concensis is that you're better off with straight ## absorb.
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