Call to Arms!


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Dec 13, 2008
Call to Arms!

PvP week is quickly approaching and I need a Call to Arms for my sorceress -- her measly life is in dire need of a boon. My current rune wealth, though, is Gul+Um. What is the best way to get one?

Option 1 -- Borrow one from a fellow SPF member (with or without collateral). This is a good option. I asked Thy and Poops if there would by any problem with posting a loan ISO for one and neither of them objected. It would depend, however, on (a) finding a willing player who (b) has an extra (failed, perhaps?) CtA. I'll probably try this if I can't make things work any other way.

Option 2 -- 1.09b HF rushing. This seems like a good option, and I have a 1.09b sorceress ready to go. However, I can't get multiple instances to work in 1.09b, so unless someone answers my tech support plea ( ), this is not an option.

Option 3 -- 1.12a HF rushing. I have never done it, but I have some twinking equipment and found a 1.07 RC about two weeks ago. How many rushes would it take (hypothetically, of course) to make a CtA, and how long will each rush probably take?

Option 4 -- Countess running. I have a charged bolt sorceress with a good Countess map. Something tells me, however, that this would not be a particularly good option.

Option 5 -- Why get a CtA when I am much more effective ear fodder for PvP week without one?

So I am soliciting the input and advice of this forum. What is the best course of action?
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Hey jdkerr,
How long would you need it for? I could loan mine to you if you'd like. I'm time traveling right now, so my 1.12a one is of no use to me. I think mine is only +3 BO though. Let me know what you think.

For the record, I'm [1.12a FAM SC FTS].
Re: Call to Arms!

That is a generous offer, Smips, and I appreciate it. The roll is not terribly important. I would need it for PvP week, which is the 21st - 27th of December. I wouldn't mind having it a bit sooner for some warm-up games, but that would be a luxury.

For the record, I am also [1.12a FAM SC FTS].
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If you'd like to make a topic in the SPTF, I could send it out to you when I get home in about 2 or 3 hours. Take your time with it and don't bother with any collateral unless you would feel more comfortable that way.
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Just had to show me up. Haxxor.

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Re: Call to Arms!

For what its worth, I have a +6 BO CTA that I can lend if need be. Its made in a crystal sword, so it should be easily usable by any character.
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If anyone else would like to borrow a [1.12a FAM SC] 'CtA' for PvP week, I can spare one too (beta 'CtA' in a [highlight]Mat bow[/highlight]), assuming you don't mind the cheese/you are someone I am okay with lending it out to.

[edit] pending.

^ I wasn't intending to do that. Sorry. :(

Besides, for the sake of prebuffing, yours > mine. Mine requires 187 dex to equip.

In a matriarchal bow it would also be fairly poor for prebuffing for 6 out of 7 classes. :whistling:

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