C/C kicksin gear help


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Jul 1, 2006
C/C kicksin gear help

ok i need a bit if help on decideing on what to use. currently im level 43 and ive been useing sigons eversince level 9. i have 2 bartucs (one is shael'd) damage is quite nice atm and ive pritty much rushed myself through everything in norm and currently working on nm.

i dont pvp much but with this sin ive kind of been wanting to fight others my level and haveing some fun doing so. im hopeing it gets me into the more pvp aspect of the game.

im planning on useing:(i have this stuff already)
my 2 bartucs
raven frost
asn torch

other then that im not really sure what to go for. leech is always nice so is DR and res.
but with the stg bouns from tucs i dont really need to worry about stg and im hoping the res from coh will help out my res quite a bit.
so my questions are: what belt,helm,gloves and most importantly boots are best to use?
ive read alot of the guides and most seem pritty outdated that or they suggest things like coa which for me, even tho im half way rich, is too pricy.
any help would be appreciated. thanks alot.
upped greaves for pvm and shadow dancers for pvp

nimga for pvp, a non teleing assa is dont going to worry anybody espacially as claw block doesnt work when running/walking so u n 2 tele 2 keep it active

bartucs but these arent kicksin claws tbh, for pvp you'll be wanting fury/malice/fools claws all with skills,
i dont really like malice... -5 life drain for 100 cb?
fury is nice (has 69 cb, im sure you know its capped at 100) and i think i may switch out a tuc for it.
tucs seems to have everything i could want, stat mods, ias, fhr, leech, +skills.

and if im useing enigma wher will i get my resist from?
also if i am to use shadowdancers i will deff need enigma for the stg bouns.

i was thinking upped gores and the more i think about it the better enigma sounds.

still that leaves open the helm gloves and belt which on all of them i would need some serious res loseing coh.
for 100% ow and that is an awesome mod for pvp as
well yeah it just is
and i mean -5 life drain? is it me or is that just a drop in the ocean?

also you are refering to ur mods wrong i just noticed, ow is an attack this is lvl dependent, and unresistable
very vital for pvp and this claw enables you to know that ur applying it everytime,
fury is usually a better all round weapon but u must consider that things like ed dont work so on consider that a) will help you b) will give you any advantage

gores give very few useful mods in pvp where as shaddows give alot of good mods, also upped gores and shaddow dancers have the same base item so there is no difference there.

so the really big question is are you pure pvp or pvm with a little pvp?
think this thro carefully as it makes a big difference...
well i hope to mostly play pvp with it, im hopeing that it will turn me on the the pvp aspects of the game. another question is, is this a good char to start with? so far im haveing fun. but i also want to win sometimes and not become fustrated. i know skill doesnt happen over night...

im sorry the page that i was looking at said malice was cb.
yea i guess -5 is kind of a drop in the bucket if ow is that important. what does it actually do. and my life is already a lil low so i think ill be investing in a cta soon
also i know that alot of stuff transfers over to my kicks... should i look for things like that? (ctc and what not)

shadow dancers does seem superior to any other boot so thats what im shooting for. still nothing on helm or gloves.
also thanks for the help :grin:
I'd say specialize in PvP or in PvM and not try to do both with one character.

PvP--Mage Slayer

20 Mindblast
20 Venom
Dtalon (enough to get to level 23 with +skills)
Weapon Block (enough to get to level 26 with +skills)
1 WoF, 1 LS, 1 Cloak of Shadows, 1 Dragon Flight.
Rest into Fade, Shadow Master, or Dflight.

Trade the CoH for an Enigma. Resists can be made up from Fade. Malice is cheap, but with Fade you probably need Fury claw (you need the IAS) in a Runic Talons or Greater Talons.

Off hand claw: Jade Talon
Gloves: Trang's
Helm: Depends on budget. FCR Godly Circlet is great, CoA is great, Kira's Guardian is much cheaper and will do just fine. Put a 15 IAS jewel in it.
ring: raven frost
rare ring: FCR w/good mods, resists, AR, mana.
Highlords isn't that great for a kicker. Deadly Strike doesn't apply to kicks. Mara's would be a good choice. A good FCR amulet might be nice as well, but maybe out of your budget.

Charms: Shadow skillers, maybe a little more fhr to hit the 86 fhr bp.

You'll hit the 42% fcr bp instead of the 65% fcr bp but you'll be fine. Try to get at least level 40 venom.

Don't duel Barbs and I suggest not dueling Paladins. Sorcs, necros, druids, amazons are all open game.
Sorry to jack your thread a little but can anyone give me a little advice on gear also?

i got 2x tucs (3 MA claw in stash), coh, gaze, other junk on.

Friend passed me a storm hide which i think i can trade for some decent gear... any ideas what i should get? (arach, shadow dancers, fury, assa-torch?)

Edit: im a c/c kicksin too.. if thats not obvious..
PvP or PvM?

Im pvp, so far, i got...

Weapons: Tucs, Jade talon (eth in talon (soon), shael in tucs)
Armor: CoH
Ammy: 3 MA
Rings: Manald + Raven frost
Boots: Marrowwalks (superior damage + dex/str)
Gloves: 2 MA some other little mods.
Helm: Shael'd shako
Belt: dungos

Charms: 19-18 Assa torch, str and dex charms, 1x fhr gc, life and res charms. (charms were all found within a day ahha.)

think i got most of it down... any suggestions?

P.S just made this account and started fresh 2-3 days ago.

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